Ladder for Interior Painting

Painting Project – Questions You Need To Ask Yourself!

You have chosen the right shade of white, not too cold, not too bright. Or maybe you’ve got a daring red that you just love, but you’re not quite sure how to ensure that the edges stay crisp where the wall meets the ceiling. It’s time to determine whether you’re going to paint your own […]

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Commercial painting Sydney

Painting Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Building

The summer is becoming unbearable in Sydney with record temperatures becoming the new normal every year. Many air conditioning systems are not robust enough to withstand this scorching weather conditions and results in high electric bills. As a commercial business owner, it’s your responsibility to take every measure to improve the energy efficiency of your […]

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Choosing a colour to repaint your business

Here’s How to Create a Signature Wall – Tips from CLP Residential Painters

One of the best ways to give a punch and add an elegant touch to any room is to create a signature wall. Signature walls, regardless of the size, can make a room welcoming and delightful. Plain walls could be boring, while an adorned wall brings life to a room. Signature walls are the ideal […]

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