5 Easy Steps to Cleaning a Painted Wall in Your Home

5 Easy Steps to Cleaning a Painted Wall in Your Home

Every homeowner has to take the responsibility of maintaining their painted walls on a periodic basis. Proper cleaning of painted walls will make them look best for long, as it protects them from getting dusty and dirty.  This 5-step guide from painting contractors in Sydney will let you know how to clean a painted wall:

Step 1 – Understand the Type of Paint

Analyse what kind of paint is applied on the wall. A glossy or semi-gloss enamel paint won’t take much damage when washed. Whereas flat, Satin, or latex paints are easily vulnerable to damage. In this case, the painting contractors in Sydney suggest washing the walls less frequently, and with less pressure.

Step 2 – Dust the Walls First

You will have to dust the walls first, before beginning the cleaning process. Remove the dust and debris with the help of a duster or microfiber cloth. Make sure to wet the walls only when you have dusted them.

Step 3 – Reduce the Mess Using Towels or a Drop Cloth

During the cleaning process, place a soft towel or a drop cloth near the wall. This could easily collect any debris that falls from the wall, so that your floor would be protected and you would have little to no mess to deal with.

Step 4 – Clean using Mild Cleaning Products

The residential painters in Sydney recommend using a sponge or soft cloth when you are about to clean the walls. Always use a mild cleaning solution that is enough to remove stains or spots from the walls, while also protecting the paint. You could also use vinegar, ammonia, or baking soda for an effective clean. Do not aggressively scrub the walls, as it will leave marks on your paint.

Step 5 – Dry the Walls

Once you are done cleaning, pat dry the wall with the help of a dry towel. This removes excess water from the wall, so that your paint remains unperturbed. Open the windows and use a fan to dry the walls thoroughly.

Follow this guide to maintain your house walls. For any queries, get in touch with professional house painters in Sydney today.