5 Perfect Commercial Paint Colours to Improve Productivity

Commercial Paint Colour

Time and time again, we often hear how the colours of our home interiors affect our mood. Well, the same does apply to commercial spaces as well. The aesthetic and paint colours of your office interiors do influence employees’ emotions and behaviour. Here are the 5 best colours suggested by the expert commercial painters in Sydney for your business space:

Light Blue:

Light blue is a subtle colour that creates a sense of calm and peace around. Employees will feel better and relaxed overall to do their work every day. This is also great for medical specialists to help their patients calm down a bit.


Brown is a colour that radiates strength and power. Commercial painters in Sydney suggest combining brown walls with quality wooden furniture to add boldness and elegance to your office space.


A lighter shade of green is ideal to make your mind energetic and creative, whereas darker shades such as Mere Green creates calmness. Depending on your type of business, choose a shade of green that works best for your space.


It might be hard to pick the right shade of violet for your wall, but Benjamin Moore Charmed Violet will be great for businesses such as beauty salons. The commercial painting Sydney experts suggest experimenting with similar shades of violet or purple that won’t overpower your interiors.


Yellow is a bright colour that is all about creativity and confidence. A yellow office space helps stimulate creative thoughts, and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Painting the interiors with this colour will change a rather dull and boring space into a fun and invigorating environment.

Get in touch with commercial painting contractors in Sydney, if you need more assistance in transforming your office space this year.