A Simple Guide to Preparing Your House for Painting

Interior House Painter Sydney

When it comes to painting your house, the last thing you need is to throw money at a job that’s not done right. To help ensure that your next paint job stays on the walls, you should take all the necessary steps before beginning. It’s true that this extra work can prolong the time between repaints, but only if you do it right. This comprehensive guide from the expert painters Sydney will help get your house ready for paint!

Clean Your House’s Exteriors:

Before painting the exterior of your home, it’s important to clean the walls thoroughly. Professional painters Sydney recommend pressure washing, which will get rid of dirt and loose paint. This ensures that your new coat can stick well. Once done, give sufficient time for your house to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Eliminate the Old and Loose Paint:

To make sure the new paint job looks great and lasts as long as possible, unnecessary or leftover paint needs to be scraped away and stripped off the surface. If there’s mould or mildew, that must be removed too. Qualified house painters Sydney will do this prep work for you, which is why it is ideal to hire a painting company to get it done right.

Use a Filler:

It’s time to start applying the filler. There are many fillers available – to fill in cracks or create thin layers – depending on your needs. After application, it’s imperative to let the filler sit long enough until it achieves the right consistency to make for better results.

Following these steps will results in a successful paint job that lasts for years. Hire a team of residential painters Sydney today!