Acrylic or Oil Based Paints – Which One’s the Best?

Acrylic or Oil Based Paints - Which One’s the Best?

Are you looking to revamp your commercial property with a new paint job? Chances are you probably don’t know which type of paint should you purchase, or where to begin the process. Before getting started, choosing the right type of paint along with your preferred colours is important. Commercial painters in Sydney usually recommend acrylic paints for paint jobs. Read on to learn more.

Why You Should NOT Use Oil Paints?

Acrylic, latex, or oil paints are the most popular types of paint products available. Amongst the said options, acrylic paints are often selected by commercial painters in Sydney.

Oil based paints are glossier in nature than acrylic paints. These are also toxic in nature, which is why experts suggest avoiding it for painting. Oil paints are harder to remove as well, so if you drop it somewhere, you’ll have a hard time scrubbing. It features a strong and annoying scent that won’t go away for a few days.

Benefits of Acrylic Paints:

These benefits explain why acrylic paints are preferred for commercial painting in Sydney.

Acrylic paints have strong adhesive properties. No matter the type of surface, acrylic paints will make the work a lot easier for you. Whether you are painting on wood, concrete, or masonry, the versatility of acrylic paints will delight you by providing the right results.

Another benefit that makes acrylic paints worth it is its high durability. The results last really long, and they are less prone to breaking compared to other kinds of paint. So, using acrylic paints for your office rooms with high traffic is wise.

Compared to other types of paints, acrylic paints dry up pretty fast. So, if you want to get a quick remodelling of your commercial property, acrylic paints will help. As the paint easily dries up, you don’t have to wait much longer before applying another coat of paint. Therefore, your entire project will be complete sooner than expected.

Talk to the commercial painting contractors in Sydney today to use the right kind of paint for your commercial property.