An Essential Guide for Strata Complex Painting

Strata Complex Painting

Does your strata property look dull and outdated? What about a fresh coat of paint to make it modern and up-to-date? When it comes to strata projects, it’s complicated and hard to get approved as it involves multiple owners. We understand this and have listed a few tips to make your community understand the importance of strata painting Sydney.

  • Talk to the residents, committee, or strata managers, and state the importance of strata painting.
  • Discuss with the committee and create an agreement on your strata painting Sydney.
  • Plan and finalise the budget needed for the strata painting.
  • Contact the certified providers of strata painting services to obtain quotes.
  • After choosing a strata painter, work with them to select the suitable colour scheme for your building and start the project.

Colour Options for Strata Painting

Choosing the right paint colours plays a significant role in enhancing the look of your building. Many leading strata painters Sydney provide colour consultation services that help you choose the right paint colour that gives the best look for your strata complex. Here are a few colour tips:

  • Pick light colours for entrances and hallways as they provide a fresh look and make areas look spacious. Creating a feature wall modernizes the appearance.
  • When choosing paints for the exterior of your strata building, go for colours that match the exterior furnishings.
  • Select darker shades like charcoal, grey, and green to make a bold statement.

Benefits of Strata Painting

Planning to paint your strata building? Well, here are a few benefits of strata painting Sydney.

  • Strata painting gives a modern look to your property
  • Improves the curb appeal
  • Increases the sales value of condos
  • Maximises return on investment
  • Protects the structure from the damages caused by outer elements like weather, pests, and more.