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How to Pick the Right Paint Colour for Your Strata Complex

Picking an exterior paint colour for your strata building might be overwhelming, but this guide from strata painters Sydney will make it easier for you. You’ll have to consider the factors mentioned below while you are about to choose an exterior paint colour. Choose Neutral Colours: A good rule of thumb is to stick with […]

Why it’s Crucial to Invest in a Top-Quality Paint for Homes?

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to paint products. But, the one thing you should consider is going with the highest quality paint available, whether for interior or exterior house painting Sydney. High quality paints can do wonders for your painting project! Here’s how: Excellent Coverage: A good quality paint […]

Why Primer is Inevitable for a Commercial Paint Job?

Can you construct a building without a foundation? No! Nor can you do a durable paint job without primer. Primer serves as the foundation of the paint job, and quality commercial paints are made to last and look great. Sure, we all love to see well-painted buildings – but if it looks beautiful and lasts […]

A Simple Guide to Preparing Your House for Painting

When it comes to painting your house, the last thing you need is to throw money at a job that’s not done right. To help ensure that your next paint job stays on the walls, you should take all the necessary steps before beginning. It’s true that this extra work can prolong the time between […]

Painting Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Whether your house is looking dull or outdated, nothing is as effective and fresh as a brand new coat of paint to spruce up your house. A painting project might seem to be a seamless job as you are inspired by the DIY painting blogs and videos. We can understand that you are excited and […]

Neutral Shades – Should I Use Them

Neutral shades are nothing new. You probably have heard the term neutral shades and have a vague idea of those shades. Most of you might associate neutral shades with brownish and greyish hues, aren’t you? But, the fact is, neutral shades are the most underrated, sophisticated paint colours.  When used right, neutral shades can help […]

Why Hiring Professionals for Strata Painting matters?

Strata painting is demanded by businesses because it keeps the exteriors of their property in top shape. When you want your building to look good, DIY commercial and started painting projects are definitely not worth considering. Hiring a company that offers professional strata painting Sydney is the right thing to do. Here’s why businesses hire […]

Choosing a Paint Colour for Your Home is Easy. Here’s How

When you’re about to repaint your house, choosing the right paint colour might seem like a challenge. With so many colour choices available, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed. But finding the right paint colour doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips from the experts of exterior house painting Sydney: What’s Your […]

Here’s Why You Should Repaint Your Warehouse

A warehouse is one of the most important properties of any business. Proper maintenance is quintessential to keep it in top shape for years to come. One of the ways you can maintain this commercial facility is painting its interior and exterior surfaces. External elements including snow, rain and humidity constantly lead to damage. A […]

Why is it Important to Choose a Good Quality Paint for Your Home?

Choosing the right quality paint is just as important as picking the right paint colour for your home. Sometimes, you might not be able to distinguish between a cheap quality paint and a premium paint product, however the results they provide will be saying something. It’s absolutely necessary to get the assistance of professional house […]

Fail-Proof Paint Colour Ideas for Your Retail Shop

It’s no wonder that colours evoke various emotions. But, do you know the impact of colours on marketing? From influencing buying to establishing trust and creating brand awareness, colours play a significant role in buyers’ decisions. So, the colours you choose for your brand, logo, retail store, and packing can elicit different emotions and responses […]

How Long Will My Home’s Paint Job Last?

A fresh coat of paint enhances your home’s curb appeal, adds value to the property, and allows you to breathe new life into outdated and dab spaces. However, repainting your house is a major undertaking. That’s why it is important to extend the life of exterior and interior paint jobs. But, how long does the […]

The Importance of Paint Inspection for a Strata Building

A painting job without inspection can result in substandard works. This is true for all buildings, and a strata building is not an exception. When the committees decide to paint strata buildings, they aren’t certain where they should start. Getting a painting inspection done by the best strata painters Sydney protects your investment. Depending on […]

Paint Ideas for Baby’s Nursery

Looking for the perfect paint colour options for your baby’s nursery? The moment you found out that you are carrying a little one in your womb, you start thinking about a myriad number of things that you can do to make your baby comfortable when it breathes a new life in this world. The list […]

Tips to Stay Open When Painting Your Business Space

Giving your office or retail space new paintwork not only improves the look but also shows your customers that you care about even the simple details. Repainting your business place with the colours that are in current style builds your customer’s trust in you. Unfortunately, painting your business space disrupts your day-to-day business activities. So, […]

4 Places in Your Home that Needs a New Coat of Paint

If you are living in your home for a while, it’s easy to get used to what you see. And soon, you will start ignoring the blemishes and unsightly issues that haven’t produced significant aesthetic and financial issues yet. For instance, you are used to your walls and floors, and you hardly pay attention. But […]

Insights on the Cost of Commercial Painting

How much does commercial painting cost? This is one of the questions we have been frequently asked by our clients. Well, there’s no straightforward answer to this question as a lot of factors influence the cost of commercial painting Sydney. We understand that cost is a major concern when you want to repaint your commercial […]

How Often Should I Paint My Home’s Exterior?

So you think that your home’s exterior needs a new paint job. Are you wondering how long an exterior paint job should last? Well, from our experience, an exterior paint job should last anywhere from four to eight years if maintained well. However, if you live in harsh climatic conditions, the lifespan of an exterior […]

An Essential Guide for Strata Complex Painting

Does your strata property look dull and outdated? What about a fresh coat of paint to make it modern and up-to-date? When it comes to strata projects, it’s complicated and hard to get approved as it involves multiple owners. We understand this and have listed a few tips to make your community understand the importance […]

How Exterior Painting Improves Your Home’s Resale Value?

Are you getting your home ready to put on the market for sale? You and your real estate agent must have discussed all the options from a buyer’s perspective to prepare your home for sale. From reducing clutter to roof repairs, there are different things that you must consider fixing to improve the value of […]

Painting Trends for 2021 – Add Beauty and Balance to Your Commercial Space

A new palette of colour trends hits catalogues every year. These colours influence people and can have a significant impact on their mood and productivity at workspaces. So, do you want to add beauty and balance to your commercial space? Well, here are the paint trends for 2021 to create a lively and productive space. […]

Can Paint be a Protective Barrier Against Weather and Pest Damage?

A fresh coat of paint can add aesthetic value to your building. But, do you know it adds so much more than colour? Yes! Good paintwork done by professional painters Sydney can protect your home from expensive damages caused by different elements such as weather and pests. Here we’ve discussed a few issues that can […]

Can Commercial Paint Impact Energy Efficiency?

The ‘Go Green’ slogans and eco-friendly business symbols are the common views these days. Making efforts to make your business greener and eco-friendly is an initiative that’s appreciated by your customers. While you are monitoring and making plans to reduce the energy usage in your building to contribute to a better working environment, you fail […]

Paint Your Bedroom Walls to Sleep Tight

A good night’s sleep is hard to find these days! Stress, prolonged device usage, and more have taken a toll on our sleep schedule. But, do you know sleep isn’t just rest. It plays a crucial role in repairing our body parts while re-energising us to face the world with a broad smile the next […]

Healing Colours to Promote Happiness and Comfort in Your Health Care Facility

Every patient entering a dental office or a healthcare facility goes through a mix of emotions. Painting the lobby, waiting room, patient rooms, and other rooms of your lobby with healing hues makes your patient feel comfortable in the atmosphere. Yes, the usage of comforting colours at health care facilities makes patients feel more at […]

Spring Is a Good Time to Paint Your House Interior

Have you ever thought why people hire a painting company Sydney during spring to get their property done? Generally, spring is the best time to freshen up and brighten up your home. It’s that time of the year known for home renovations and change of lifestyles. According to paint experts, you should not wait to […]

Is it Recommended to Paint Over Mould? Here’s the Answer

Strata painting is a great way to refresh the look of your property. What if you notice mould growth on the surface while painting? Sometimes it would feel like painting over the mould is the easiest way to deal with this problem, however it will only make things worse. The experts of strata painting Sydney […]

How Exterior Paint Protects Your Home from the Elements

We are often told that paint is meant to enhance the appearance of our property. While that is true, there’s something else that a good quality paint is capable of. It protects your building from adverse weather conditions and other elements. See how exterior house painting Sydney improves the curb appeal and safeguards your property: […]

4 Best Paint Colours for Commercial Properties

Did you know that paint colours can influence the mood of your employees and customers? Colour psychology is a concept that is pretty important in commercial painting. Choosing the right colour will influence the productivity of your staff, as well as the purchase decisions of your customers. Here are the best paint colours recommended by […]

House Painting – How Long does Paint Last in Rooms?

A fresh coat of paint can transform the look and feel of your rooms. With so many colours to choose from, you get to use your creativity and decide on how you can enhance your home’s interior décor. Then again, you are asking yourself how long an interior paint job would last. The longevity of […]

Repaint Your Property if You Notice these 5 Signs

A good paint makes any property attractive. Paints offer great protection against harsh weather conditions and external elements. To make sure your property remains in good shape, it must be repainted from time to time. But how do you know the right time to repaint your property? Strata painters Sydney suggest you to lookout for […]

3 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Exterior Wall Paint Last Long

Exterior painting is not just meant to enhance the curb appeal of your house, but also to protect the property from the elements and weather changes. Therefore, it is important that the paint job lasts for years. How do you make it last longer, you ask? Well, take a look at these tips from the […]

Need to Choose a Paint Colour for Your Office? Here are 4 Tips

You may or may not know that paint colours influence the mood and productivity of your employees. Your choice of paint colour(s) for the office usually depends on your brand, or the industry you specialise in. If you want to know what important factors must be considered to pick the right paint colour for your […]

3 Common Causes of Paint Bubbles & Blisters on the Wall

House painting is a foolproof way of altering the entire look of your place. However, if it’s not done by skilled painters Sydney, you might encounter multiple problems such as cracking, peeling, and bubbling of paint on the wall. There are various reasons for why paint bubbles and blisters appear on a surface and they […]

Mistakes to Avoid While Painting Your Home

A new coat of paint transforms your home both inside and out. You should employ painters Chatswood to ensure that the job is done correctly and to escape the hassles that come with painting. However, if you prefer a do-it-yourself, knowing the most common mistakes people make while painting can come in handy. Using a […]

Common Paint Colours to Avoid In Your Bedroom

Painting is a fast and inexpensive way to give new life into an old space or to make your home more marketable if you’re selling it. Hiring experienced painters North Shore can make your painting job an easy one. Paint is used in a range of sheens as well as oil or latex. Because of […]

Do White Walls Look Bare and Boring? It Doesn’t have to Be!

Thinking of painting your walls white? Are you confused with the phrase ‘white is boring?’ White paint can work wonders in one while wreaking havoc on another. Like all other colours, white colour is associated with temperature, mood, light reflectivity and style. According to painters Chatswood, there are different shades of white paint available in […]

Meet the New Hues that Create a Soothing Space in 2021

After all the turbulence of 2020, people are looking at 2021 to lift their flagging spirits and comfort them. While working from home has become common, spending more time at home has given an opportunity for people to look at their home. Does the once-perfect paint colour now feel dull? It’s time to hire your […]

Strata Painting – How to Get Things Started

For homeowners, deciding on how their house looks like and which colour scheme to be used is not a big deal. They can choose it on their own or get a consultation from their painters to determine the ones that suit the home’s style and their personality. But things are different when it comes to […]

House on Sale? A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Make a Difference

Are you getting ready to put your home on sale? You’ve made the fixes your realtor told you to do, yet you haven’t received any quality leads? What are you missing here? Maybe, a fresh coat of paint! Exterior house painting Sydney has a great effect on your home value and help you get top […]

How Can You Use Commercial Paint to Improve Warehouse Safety?

Warehouse safety is of utmost importance, but keeping the facilities safe is a great challenge for managers. Two of the top warehouse accidents recorded were caused by moving equipment hitting workers and slip-and-fall. Well, these situations can be avoided using commercial paint. Yes, you heard it right! Now, imagine a road without lane markings. It […]

Painting Your Kid’s Room? Forget the ‘Grown-up Rules!’

Planning to give your house a fresh coat of paint? Well, there are certain rooms in your home which you would paint as per the recommendations from painters Sydney or inspired by the design choices you’ve found on Instagram. But there is an area in your home where the ‘grown-up rules’ don’t apply! It’s your […]

3 Ways Strata Painting Adds Value to Your Building

Strata painting is unlike residential and commercial painting. Only the best strata painting services will be capable enough to take care of strata works. This is because, the requirements can vary when compared to a commercial project. To maintain a positive brand image, and to impress your clients, the interiors and physical appearance of your […]

Don’t Make these 4 Mistakes in Exterior House Painting

The concept of exterior house painting may sound simple – all you need is a brush and a can of paint to be applied on the wall. Exterior house painting is so much more than that. Only qualified painters in Sydney know the intricacies of it. When painting the exterior of your house, a painter […]

Acrylic or Oil Based Paints – Which One’s the Best?

Are you looking to revamp your commercial property with a new paint job? Chances are you probably don’t know which type of paint should you purchase, or where to begin the process. Before getting started, choosing the right type of paint along with your preferred colours is important. Commercial painters in Sydney usually recommend acrylic […]

What will Happen When You Don’t Prep the Wall Before Painting?

Whether you’re painting or repainting your house, there’s always one thing that expert painters in Sydney would never skip – preparing the walls/surface before applying a fresh paint. So before picking up your paint and brush, you should make sure that the wall is thoroughly cleaned and dried up. Washing the wall can be hard, […]

Fool the Eye – Tricks to Add Some Pizzazz to a Small Space

Small spaces at your home may feel confining, uninviting, and uncomfortable. If you have a small space that feels cramped, don’t fret! With some interior design trends, you can make smaller spaces look larger. These interior design trick includes incorporating colour techniques, furniture arrangement, lighting design, and more. In this blog, our painters in Chatswood […]

Kid’s Room – A perfect Canvas for Creativity

Are you planning to update your child’s bedroom? Painting your kid’s room can be a lot of fun! Oh, yes, not always. Picking out the right paint colour for your kid’s room can be tricky as you have to select a hue that reflects their unique style, and at the same time, you must ensure […]

How Strata Painting Enhances the Value of Your Property

Proper maintenance of building speaks volumes about your business. Customers would subconsciously develop trust and be more inclined towards your company. Professional strata painting in Sydney is one of the best ways to get every inch of your building taken care of not just with painting, but pressure washing, stain prevention and removal, aftercare, waterproofing, […]

Why You Should Paint Your Walls All White

The versatility of colour white just makes it perfect for both simple and sophisticated designs alike. When you want to make your rooms brighter, white is the obvious colour suggested by the painters in Sydney. Here’s why all-white walls is worth considering for your home: A Versatile Canvas: If you would like to alter the […]

5 Perfect Commercial Paint Colours to Improve Productivity

Time and time again, we often hear how the colours of our home interiors affect our mood. Well, the same does apply to commercial spaces as well. The aesthetic and paint colours of your office interiors do influence employees’ emotions and behaviour. Here are the 5 best colours suggested by the expert commercial painters in […]

What Your Bedroom Paint Colour Says About You

We often hear how the paint colour we choose for our rooms have an impact on our emotions. This is also why beautiful and colourful art is used for psychotherapy. Considering how important our bedroom is, we have to choose paint colours based on how you feel. So, before calling the house painters in Sydney, […]

Painting Project – Questions You Need To Ask Yourself!

You have chosen the right shade of white, not too cold, not too bright. Or maybe you’ve got a daring red that you just love, but you’re not quite sure how to ensure that the edges stay crisp where the wall meets the ceiling. It’s time to determine whether you’re going to paint your own […]

Avoid DIY Painting Projects – Why?

Even though DIY painting jobs can save a little money, leaving the job to the professional painters in North Shore can add more benefits for you. Here, we have mentioned a few reasons why talented house painters North Shore should be employed for your painting job rather than DIY. Your time is precious You don’t […]

Painting Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Building

The summer is becoming unbearable in Sydney with record temperatures becoming the new normal every year. Many air conditioning systems are not robust enough to withstand this scorching weather conditions and results in high electric bills. As a commercial business owner, it’s your responsibility to take every measure to improve the energy efficiency of your […]

Can Exterior House Painting Improve the Value of Your Home?

Are you planning to sell your home? Exterior house painting done by certified house painters in Sydney can help you boost the value of your home. Wondering how exterior painting can improve the curb appeal and value of your house? Well, here we’ve listed a few pointers that help you understand the importance of painting […]

Reasons to Repaint Your Workplace

First impression is the best impression! You have got only less than ten seconds to make an impression on your clients and customers. While there are several ways to make a good impression on your customers, a fresh coat of paint is one of the effective and affordable ways to create the best impression. Both […]

Here’s How to Create a Signature Wall – Tips from CLP Residential Painters

One of the best ways to give a punch and add an elegant touch to any room is to create a signature wall. Signature walls, regardless of the size, can make a room welcoming and delightful. Plain walls could be boring, while an adorned wall brings life to a room. Signature walls are the ideal […]

Things to Consider When Decorating and Painting Your Office

An office is more than a place where people work and earn for a living! Whether you want to change the look of your workplace or create a more appealing workplace for your employees, a fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable and effective ways to do it. Colours play a significant […]

How to Choose the Right Paint Sheen?

Colour is not the only way to add character to space. Yes, there are paint finishes as well. Thanks to the paint technology. Paint colour can look different based on the finish. If you are new to the world of paint colours, you’ll be overwhelmed and feel like drowning in a sea of options. Paint […]

Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Repaint Your Property

When was the last time you have repainted your property? That’s bad if you don’t even remember. A fresh coat of paint offers a plethora of benefits, including protecting the building from natural elements to make the property looking good and impressive. Above all, repainting adds value to the property. However, many property owners tend […]

Exploring the Dos and Don’ts When Selecting Paint Colours

Choosing the colours for your house can be both exciting and intimidating. Sometimes, it could also be overwhelming as there are many shades to choose from. You may be inspired by magazines, Pinterest boards, or Instagram posts. But, will it suit your home’s architectural style and budget? You could be feeling lost when you put […]

Five Best Colours for Classrooms

It is proven that colours can enhance the learning experience and significantly impact student behaviour, academic performance, and well-being. So, it is essential to pick the right colours based on the functional use of the space and student population. In this blog, we, commercial painting contractors Sydney, have shared the best colour for painting the […]

The Best Qualities of a Good Interior House Painter

Are you looking for a professional painter for interior house painting in Sydney? Finding a good painter is not an easy task as there are many painters in Sydney. That’s why we want to help you choose a painter. We have shared some of the best qualities you should look for before hiring a painter, […]

4 Signs that It’s Time for a New Paint Job for Your Business

Wondering how often do you need to repaint your business? Our commercial painters in Sydney suggest you look into the following three major factors to repaint your commercial building. Climate Quality of the material Skill Level of the commercial painting contractors you choose There are also other factors that cause the deterioration of your existing […]

Can Residential Painting Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

Are you planning to sell your home? Then, your exterior is often the first impression you give to potential buyers. A stunning exterior can attract potential buyers and increases the sales value of your property. According to our painters in Sydney, curb appeal shouldn’t be ignored, and it requires attention to keep them looking fresh […]

Hide Defects, Dents, and Dings with the Right Paint

As a business owner, you want your commercial property to look as beautiful and welcoming as possible. But, most of the times, walls may have a couple of dents and dings. One of the standard techniques to even out the surface is to lightly sand the surface, use drywall compound to fill the dents and […]

Tips to Save Money While Working with a Residential Painting Contractor

Renovating your home? Redecorating or renovating always involves a painting project. You’ll need to hire house painters in Sydney when the scope and size of the project are more than any DIY. When you hire a professional painting contractor, he will do a thorough and quality job quickly, which could not be achieved by any […]

Why Opt for Picture Perfect Painting Services In Sydney

Painting your home is exciting. Choosing the paint colour, product, and best painters is an essential task. That is where the commercial painters Sydney come to your help. They make painting your house a great and safe experience. You can re-imagine your house interiors when choosing the painting contractors. Paint your house as you envisioned it […]

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Painter?

Do you require a new painting for your space? Then the ideal option for you is to choose the residential painters. They can paint and design the nukes and corners of your house. Convenience is the key reason for hiring painting contractors. If you want to enjoy convenient painting and designing service, then rely on these […]

Why Hire The Fantastic Commercial Painters In Your Town

Do you need a new painting? Then what paint colour to choose? These are the questions that come up in the mind if your house needs painting. You can be stress-free when hiring fantastic commercial painters.The professional painters know the excellent paint shades and patterns that are suitable for your space. Therefore, let us see the […]

How Do You Paint A Room With Decorative Designs?

Are you confused about how to make your house look attractive? Then one of the most affordable ways to beautify your home is by interior painting. The varieties of interior paint shades make your house appealing and attractive. The interior paints offer long-lasting interior design effects to your space. Interior painting is a skill. So, […]

Commercial Painting – Give Your Business an Edge

Did you know running a successful business isn’t all about productivity? It stems from different factors, including problem-solving, creativity, communication, hard work, teamwork, and more. According to commercial painters in Sydney, you can encourage problem-solving skills and communication, and boost the creativity of your employees by choosing the right paint colours for your office. Avoid […]

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with these Timeless Paint Colours

Your bathroom is your personal oasis, and you want it to be functional, relaxing and relevant to the times. Like fashion trends, bathroom trends also come and go. But, if you want to keep your bathroom timeless, you should not regret your design choices for at least five years from now. So, here our painters […]

How to Prepare Your Vacant Commercial Building?

Commercial buildings that have remained vacant for a long time, pose great maintenance challenges, before they could get ready for the use again. Whether you are looking to acquire the vacant property or you are looking to transform the looks of your existing building, here are a few suggestions from the commercial painters Sydney that […]

What Are Some Good Ways To Hire House Painters During COVID-19?

Under regular situations, bringing painting contractors into your home is no big deal. But right now, with so much of changes after COVID-19, when we are dealing with major health crises, you might want to think twice before hiring a contractor. But, this doesn’t mean that you will have to pause your home projects, rather, […]

Why should a Medical Facility be coated with Microbicidal Paint?

Paints, for long has been used to spruce up our place of living and work. It has now evolved as a protective application, easy-clean, with eco-friendly ingredients and antimicrobial paint additives. With new and new microbial organisms arising each day, it is imperative for a medical facility to adapt to new performance-oriented Microbicidal Paint coatings.  […]

How Do You Fix Bubbled Paint On Walls?

It is really disgusting to look at bubbles on the newly painted walls, after spending a lot of time and money on the painting project. But, what causes the bubbles and blistering anyway? Well, bubbling is usually caused due to failing to prime a wall or when painted over a damp area or because of […]

What Are The Advantages Of Getting A High-Quality Commercial Paint Job?

The way a business looks speaks a lot about the company’s operating capabilities. Yes, first impression creates everything. Hence, it is important for businesses to present themselves in the best light possible. One of the best ways to create an excellent first impression is to get a high-quality commercial paint job by painters Sydney. Here […]

Should Interior Walls Be Cleaned Before Painting?

When it comes to repainting your walls at home, cleaning the walls is a very important part of the process. This will ensure that your painting project turns into a success. You need to start with preparing the room, cleaning, sanding and priming the walls before the start of the painting project. Here are some […]

What Is The Best Colour To Paint An Office For Productivity?

It would rather be easy to choose the paint colour for home rather than to pick one for your office. Yes, when painting your home, you would probably have a general idea of the colours that you like and the ones that depict your style statement. But when it comes to office, you need to […]

What Colour Should I Paint A Room Without Natural Light?

Almost every house has this dark little corner which is short of the precious natural light. If you are of the assumption that it is a great idea to paint the darkroom with the brightest white colour, it is probably not the best decision to make. The bright white colour is so bright because it […]

Strata Painting to Elevate the Look of Your Commercial Property

Did you know strata painting in Sydney improves the value of your commercial property? Harsh Australian weather can have a deteriorating effect on your building façade, and it’s essential to hire commercial painters in Sydney to restore the beauty of your strata property. A fresh coat of paint can enhance the look of your property, […]

How Natural and Artificial Light Affects Your Paint Colour?

Have you ever wondered why your navy blue paint looks black at a certain time of the day? It makes you feel disappointed when you discover that the finished result doesn’t quite look like what you envisioned. Residential painters in Sydney agree that the colour of the paint won’t look the same 24 hours a […]

Why A Fresh Coat Of Paint Benefits Your Company?

When your clients walk into your store or office, what type of environment are they experiencing? Is your professional space pleasing to the eye? Is it bright and visually appealing? Do you know a fresh coat of paint not just protects your exteriors and interiors, but also adds value, enhances the curb appeal and increases […]

What Is The Best Colour To Paint A Child’s Room?

Choosing a colour scheme for the kid’s room is a lot of fun, as it calls for a lot of creativity. You will be filled with a lot of questions like, how much colour you should put in the room? Will it make the room appear spacious? Will it be bright? Will my child like […]

What Makes Commercial Painting Last Longer?

Maintaining the perfect look of your commercial building is one of the tricky parts of owning a business. The commercial painting contractors Sydney mention that this should be approached strategically to avoid future complications.  Keeping up with the professional looks will allow you to have a competitive edge over others and stand the test of […]

What Is The Best Interior Paint Colour For Selling A House?

If you are looking to sell your home, then you must probably thinking about painting your home. So, when you choose the paint colours, it is important to choose the ones that reflect your style and personality. This goes for both the interior and exterior of your home. Creating a first impression is important, especially […]

How Strata Painting Increase The Value Of Your Building?

Strata paint work is sometimes considered to be of a class other than residential, and even industrial, type. Nonetheless, the skills and equipment needed to complete complex strata jobs are very different from those necessary for domestic paint work indoors and outdoors. Strata work involves painting the exterior and interior of large buildings and putting […]

Common Signs That You Need To Repaint Your Home

Although there are general rules for how frequently to paint the exterior of your house, you might not know exactly when it was last painted for your house. You will need to watch out for certain stuff in this situation. Once your home shows the following signs, you need to be conscious that it’s actually […]

A Fresh Coat of Paint to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Painting is the primary choice when it comes to upgrading the look of your office space. None of your clients or customers likes to be greeted with faded, peeling and damaged paint everywhere they look. When you think of updating your office space, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Hiring the […]

Can Painting Alter the Size or Shape of a Room?

Did you know paint choice is part of the reason why a room can feel comfortable and homely? Making the right choice plays a vital role when it comes to enhancing the overall mood and atmosphere of your home. The paint colours not only affect your emotions but also alters the size and shape of […]

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Painter

When looking out for commercial painters Sydney, obviously you would want to hire the best services that fits in your budget and matches your requirements. Undoubtedly, painting is one of the most important investments that you should be making in your commercial property. Nobody wants to hire an amateur painter to do the painting job. […]

When Is It Time To Repaint Your House?

It can be a tedious job to get your home painted. But, it is actually easy that it seems when you hire the right painting contractors.  Painting your walls may sound boring, but it is a good return on investment, which improves the good looks and keeps the walls and ceilings in its best condition.  […]

A Few Good Reasons to Repaint Your Commercial Business

Some businesses view the commercial paint jobs as an unnecessary business expense instead of a smart investment. Yet, improving the aesthetic appearance of your business with attractive paint colours is more important for the business to thrive. If you are a wondering why, here are a few reasons, why you must consider keeping your business […]

Expert Tips for Painting Your Home’s Interior

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your home. It might get completely ruined if you have no idea of what you are doing. Making use of cheap brushes, low-quality paint, wrong colour or even the incorrect painting techniques can turn your painting […]

Paint Your Commercial Space to Stay Smart and Productive

Remember the cliché ‘first impressions count?’ It’s not far from the truth! A well-maintained building, especially the paintwork, gives the first impression of your business. Yep, the exterior of your business acts as a giant billboard, and impacts how a customer perceives your business and products. It also provides a positive interior environment for both […]

Give a Classic Touch to Your Historic Interior – Hire Professional Painters Now!

Over the years, Australian residential architectural styles have evolved significantly from historical to more sophisticated styles. Compared to the rest of the world, Australia is filled with an abundance of beautiful heritage buildings and precincts. As historic interior has become a trend these days, many homeowners are doing their best to protect their historic interior. […]

Why Is It Essential To Repaint Your Business?

If you have started noticing any signs of wear and tear off late on your building’s surface or if the wall colours are no longer fresh or modern, then it is high time that you repaint your business. You must do this not just to keep up the appearances of your building, but also there […]

What Is The Best Colour To Paint A Master Bedroom?

Colours can have a great impact not just on the looks of the room, but also on your mood. And when it comes to a private space like the bedroom, it is important to consider about the kind of mood you are looking to create, as it is your relaxation station. It is a soothing […]

How to Hire the Right Commercial Painters?

The paint on walls has great power to transform the looks of your home or office. But, this is possible only if you hire the right commercial painting contractors Sydney. Getting the services of wrong painting contractors will cost you frustration and unwanted expenses. Painting your building is a considerable expense, so don’t make the […]

Which Room to Paint First?

Painting the entire house is indeed a big responsibility. But, if you have just moved in or looking to revamp the look of your home, interior house painting is without giving a try. Always keep in mind, that during the interior painting Sydney process, you will be without rooms and spaces for some time, also […]

Strata Complex Painting – It’s More than Taking Care of the Surface of the Building

Strata painting in Sydney comes with its own share of challenges and difficulties. With the harsh Australian climate, the external surfaces of your strata building can deteriorate, and requires continuous maintenance to avoid any structural damage. So, it’s imperative to choose the right strata commercial painters in Sydney to make sure that the surface is […]

Open Plan Colour Schemes – What You Ought to Know?

The Open floor plan layout has become increasingly popular these days. For larger homes, it means bringing people together to one connected space and providing plenty of natural light, whereas it makes smaller spaces appear larger in smaller homes. Whatever may be the size and shape of your home, it does wonders and is a […]

What You Ought to Know About Strata Painting?

Unlike residential painting, strata painting in Sydney has its own share of challenges and requires continuous maintenance. The deterioration of external surfaces and damages are more when the painting is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Poor workmanship and using low-quality paint can cause a negative impact on a strata painting project. When you are caught […]

Importance of Painting a Warehouse Ceiling

In this competitive world, having a productive working facility is critical. In other words, a clean and bright work area is necessary to show off your customers that your company is capable of completing its jobs in an organised manner. So, it would help if you kept the warehouse accordingly to show how you really […]

Paint Your Fence to Increase Street Appeal

Did you know the fence is an extension to the façade of your home and has a significant impact on increasing the street appeal of your property? If you’ve recently put in a new fence or doing a renovation project, painting your fence is crucial, especially if you’ve installed a wooden fence. It is important […]

Add the Colours of Juicy, Sweet and Fresh Fruits to Your House!

Now, what’s more interesting is that your home walls can be as blessed as the fruits, with bright and colourful hues. Professionally painting your house with fresh fruity colours makes your home look more refreshed and brings more cheer. To achieve this, all you have to do is to pick your favourite fruit colour and […]

Test Paint Colours before Committing It

Painting a room with a new colour is a huge commitment. From picking the right colour paint to implementing it, it is a hassle and big process. You can make it easy by testing paint colours before ultimately deciding on paints for your commercial painting in Sydney. Wondering how to test the paint colour? Use Online […]

Refresh Your Home’s Interior with a Fresh Coat of Paint and Feel Fresh

Nothing can change the look of your home’s interior quite like a fresh coat of paint. From cleaning and refreshing your walls to adding exciting accents and transforming your living space into a completely different environment, it can do all. So, if you are looking to refresh a drab and dull room, consider interior painting in […]

Tips to Keep Your Business Open When Painting

Painting your business will keep things looking nice and show your customers how much you care about them. Hiring commercial painters in Sydney to update your business space with current colours and styles instils trust and confidence in your clients. But, a painting project can disrupt your day-to-day activities, and some businesses even consider closing […]

Tips to Choose Paint Colours for Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan has become popular among the homeowners as it brings people together and provides plenty of natural light. For smaller homes, it makes the smaller space appear larger. But, painting an open floor plan is a tedious task as choosing the wrong colour can make the whole area look dull, smaller, and […]

Painting Issues to Avoid for a Great Business Curb Appeal

People typically perceive a business by the aesthetics. This is why as a business owner, you should have your property look the most appealing amongst all. A well-maintained property will convey the fact that your business is thriving, which further attracts potential customers. An important maintenance task that should never be overlooked is repainting your […]

Why Experts Suggest Frequent Repainting of Your House?

Making improvements to your residential property will only enhance its value. One of the best things to do when it comes to home improvement is applying a fresh coat of paint, both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the best reasons explained by painting contractors in Sydney as to why repainting your house is […]

Office Painting – A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Colour

Choosing the right paint colour for your office interiors is crucial not just to enhance the aesthetics, but also to boost productivity. The expert commercial painters in Sydney highlights the 3 key aspects you should consider to pick a paint colour for your office. Read on to learn more. Productivity: The first element is indeed, […]

4 Recommended Paint Colours for Your Dining Room

Research shows that colours have an impact on human emotions. This is also why the concept of colour psychology is utilised by businesses to influence their customers’ purchase decisions. Paint your dining room with colours that positively impact your appetite. These are the 4 paint colours suggested by the expert painters in Sydney: Green: Green […]

Suggested Colours for Offices with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are aesthetically appealing, and they add a level of elegance to your office space. Offices with hardwood floors should be complemented with the right choice of paint colours, so as to highlight the striking looks of the floors. Here are some of the suggested colours for different variants of hardwood floors recommended by […]

Paint Your Commercial Building to Represent Your Business’s Brand

Did you know the level of maintenance and the colour of the paint you use for your commercial building can make or break your business? Your commercial building is the billboard for your brand, and it must send the right message and image you want to portray to your loyal and potential customers. Using the […]

5 Easy Steps to Cleaning a Painted Wall in Your Home

Every homeowner has to take the responsibility of maintaining their painted walls on a periodic basis. Proper cleaning of painted walls will make them look best for long, as it protects them from getting dusty and dirty.  This 5-step guide from painting contractors in Sydney will let you know how to clean a painted wall: […]

5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of New Paint Odour Fast

Painting your home or office is great to bring about a refreshing look, but what you will have to endure once the painting job is done is that strong paint odour. This is a concern especially for those who are allergic or sensitive to strong scents. When employees in your office get distracted with the […]

Enhance the Emotional Well-Being of Your Family with the Right Paint Colours

Home décor is not always about aesthetics! According to the leading paint experts, the combination and proportion of the colours you choose to paint your home can have a significant impact on the emotional well-being of you and your family members. The house painters in Sydney suggest considering the prime function of each room to […]

Follow these 5 Expert Tips to Paint a Ceiling

If you are thinking about giving a fresh look to your ceiling with a new coat of paint, you might be wondering how to get this done. Painting a ceiling is no easy job. These 5 tips from the expert painters in Sydney should help you out: Clear the Space and Move Away Furniture First: […]

How to Prepare Walls for Painting

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to bring life to your space. But, when it comes to painting, preparing the wall is crucial for achieving the desired results. Here are a few tips from the painters Sydney for preparing the wall:- Clean the walls Cleaning the walls is the first step in […]

Wallpapering Vs. Painting – Which is The Best Option?

The walls of your home can be transformed at any time with the help of paint or wallpaper. While a spacious room can instantly be changed to a cosy space with wallpaper, a dramatic room can be made soft and airy with a fresh coat of paint. But, whether to choose wallpaper or paint when […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Paint Colours

Painting your office with the right colour is crucial as it affects not only the aesthetics of your business, but also your businesses overall productivity. So, what paint colour will you choose for your office? There are several factors to consider when selecting the office paint shades and here are they:- How colour affects your […]

Perks of Repainting Your Home’s Interior

Several home improvements can increase the value of your property. But, nothing is as effective as a fresh coat of paint, and doing interior painting Sydney. In fact, repainting your home’s interior surfaces has positive benefits and here are they:- Protect your walls Cleaning the wall may not be on the top of your annual […]

Choose From these 7 Best Paint Colours for Your Business Property

According to psychology, colours play a great role in human emotions and decision making. The colour of paint used in your retail store will influence the purchase decision of your customers. This is why it is imperative to choose the right colours that align with your customers’ emotions and positively impact their buying potential. Here […]

Save on House Painting with these 4 Simple Tips

New Year’s around the corner and what better time to repaint your house to give it a new look? Painting projects are not easy money, regardless of whether your doing it to maintain your prperty or to give it a revamp. Perhaps, you are still thinking about how to meet the financial costs associated with […]

4 Traits to Look For in a Professional Painting Company

When you start your search for a commercial or residential painting company, you will notice that there’s plenty of them in around. So how is it possible to spot the right service that could meet your requirements? An ideal painting service is not about having the prettiest website or the charging the lowest possible price. […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colour

When it comes to painting a job, picking the right shade is equally important. It is no wonder the colour you choose to adorn the walls of your home or office has a significant impact on the room. In fact, it is the crucial element for the rest of your aesthetic choices. However, choosing the […]

Know the Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Property

It is rightly said, “Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.” Research shows that it all takes a tenth of a second to determine traits like the trustworthiness of a company. So, what can you do to make a […]

Is it Necessary to Prime the Walls before Painting?

Yes, no matter if it is a new drywall, old wood, painted bricks, or any other surface. In fact, one of the significant steps in achieving the perfect paint job is priming as it offers the ideal foundation for paint. The house painters in Sydney know that longer-lasting paint job needs just a coat of […]

Here’s Why Summer is the Right Time to do Interior Painting for Homes

Interior painting job for your house can be done any time of the year, however most homeowners do not know that summer is the ideal period for interior projects. Think about it, applying a fresh coat of paint for the interiors of your home right after spring cleaning is the perfect idea for a makeover. […]

Essential Things to Consider Before Painting a Room

So you have got a colour in mind and a few brushes in your closet. You wanted to give your living room an updated look but have never painted. Of course, interior house painting Sydney is not an easy job. Professional Painters in Sydney and experienced DIY followers know that a lot of time and […]

Tips to Ensure that Your Commercial Building is Painted Properly

There are many factors to consider choosing the right paint colour for your business. Commercial painters in Sydney know how important it is to give your business a professional appearance that will impress your customers. Our painting contractors in Sydney propose some tips to ensure that your commercial building is painted properly. Exterior Paint Colour […]

Sell Your Home Quickly with these Paint Touch-ups

Are you planning to put your home for sale? Even a simple defect in your home like paint peeling or crack can represent a significant cost to improve the paintwork in and around the property. This discourages potential buyers from more seriously considering purchasing your home and encourages them to look at other properties. Here […]

Common Commercial Painting Challenges and how to overcome them!

People always tend to judge businesses by the outer appearance. Business owners want their commercial buildings to look attractive and well kept. A spick-and-span building will send a message to the public that the business is flourishing, which will, in turn, attract more business. Hence, regular maintenance by commercial painting companies is vital to keep […]

Can Repainting Increase the Value of Your Business?

To retain and add value to your commercial building proper maintenance is required. So, if you are considering to add value to your business, repaint your commercial building. Exterior commercial painting in Sydney is vital for your business to protect your investment. The exterior paint works as a sealant for the walls and siding, helping […]

Primer – Is it Really Worth the Investment?

Using a primer actually has many important advantages, especially for achieving long-lasting paint finishes. So, here is a detailed lists of reasons that makes primer worth the investment. Improved Adhesion There are different factors that determine how well the paint sticks to a surface and survive for as long as possible without peeling. When you […]

Benefits of Priming the Wall before Painting

If you want to change the look of your home, painting is the easiest and least expensive way. With so many colours to choose from, painting is a perfect way to express your unique personality and style at just a fraction of the cost of other home improvement projects. However, for a long-lasting and beautiful […]

How is Painting Beneficial for Strata Schemes and Businesses?

For any business, creating a positive first impression is vital to garner as much potential customers as possible. This is made possible by enhancing the appearance of your property with a few design changes or strata painting job. Just in case you didn’t know, a strata scheme refers to a property divided into different units […]

4 Rookie Mistakes to Prevent in Your House Painting Project

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home is simply refreshing. Regardless of painting the interior or exterior of your house, there are certain precautions one has to follow to produce appealing results. Here are some common mistakes one should avoid in their painting project, along with important tips to follow from the expert […]

Why You Should Consider Repainting Your Business Property and When

Aesthetics and curb appeal are not just applicable for homes. Business properties also have equal importance regarding the same. Some of the elements that generate a good first impression amongst potential customers include merchandising, signage, and the condition of your infrastructure. So, one of the ways to make your business stand out is to repaint […]

Consider these 5 Things Before You Begin Interior House Painting

Homeowners opt for residential painting projects whenever a significant change has to be made. Paint colours has the ability to alter the mood and complement the interior design of a home. Interior painting in Sydney is also one of the most popular and inexpensive ways of doing a makeover. Before you begin the project, make […]

How to Choose and Manage a Commercial Painting Contractor

A building’s finishing is just as important as its structural integrity! So, keeping the paintwork in tiptop condition is essential to maintain the pristine condition of the building. Strata painting in Sydney is more challenging than the residential projects, mainly due to the size of the project. If you are choosing a commercial painter in […]

Know the Reasons Why Your Home Paint is Peeling

Everyone wants to keep their home paint, looking at it best. After all, you have spent a considerable amount of money to get the job done right. But, how would it feel when everything goes wrong? Usually, peeling paint is the one thing that everyone will notice about a space. It is unappealing and turns […]

Why is it Important to Hire Professional Painters?

When you want to give your business or house a new look, the best thing that you can do is carrying out the painting. Even though you can handle some painting tasks by yourself, it is important for you to consult a professional painter to help you carry out the process. There are commercial painters […]

How to Make a Dark Room Brighter?

Keeping your room bright will always give you a sense of security. However, in some cases, the room can turn out to be dark due to poor design. Here are some tips from expert house painters Sydney for making the room brighter. The amount of light you allow to get into your room will often […]

The Best Office colours to Spread positivity and boost productivity

A recent study reveals that a positive work environment is the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction. Do you know the colour spreads positivity in the workplace and creates a friendly atmosphere?  Yes, colour used in the workplace has a profound effect on collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction. In fact, the office colours can have […]

Kitchen Cabinets Paint Colour Ideas!

The kitchen in every home is a gathering place. Family and friends prepare meals here, and this is a place where coffee is shared. Homework is completed, and mail is also read here! So the kitchen is like the heart of the home. What comes to your mind when you think about your kitchen? Is […]

Interior Painting Ideas to Show Your Personality!

Do you know your home’s interior says a lot about you? One of the best things that make a home indeed yours is by showing your unique style. Interior painting is one of the finest ways to flaunt your style, and even a small change can display exactly who you are. There are ways you […]

Top Five Common Painting Problems and What to Do About It!

Yellowing Remember that beautiful, blinding white colour your home used to be when it had just been painted? Yet for some mysterious reason your home has now taken on shades of light yellow or orange… in the painting world, this is what we call ‘yellowing’. Typically you may find areas sheltered from sunlight to be […]

How to Paint Doors and Window Trims Perfectly

Painting the interior of your home is a task that has the potential to cause frustration for the average home DIYer, as the aspiration for a beautiful home can often be derailed by the smaller details. As we’ve said before, a good paint job is the sum of many small jobs done right, so it […]

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Painters

A fresh coat of paint will not only make your home stand out but also protect your house from natural elements which can help save you a lot of money on maintenance and repairs in the long run. However, when it comes to painting project, it may be tempting to do it by yourself in […]

Create a Relaxing Oasis at home with Blue Paint

Colours can instantly change not only the look of a room but also your mood. Whatever environment you are trying to create, there is a colour scheme to set the tone. However, among all other colours, blue is an elegant shade to bring some excitement into your home! Whether it is royal blue or a […]

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation, Why Preparation is Everything

Saving money is attractive for everyone, especially when it comes to investments such as painting your home. Choosing between a $5000 or a $8000 quote for the same paint job seems like a no-brainer, why pay more to get the same thing done? However, an old saying comes to mind ‘you get what you pay […]

Preparing a Room for Interior Painting

What many people fail to realise is that painting your home’s interior involves much more than the actual ‘paint job’ itself. Prior to commencing the painting process, preparing the interior of your home is extremely important as this can determine the overall quality and endurance of the final outcome. Here we’ve provided some of the […]

Choosing the right gloss level

Gloss, Semi-gloss, Low Sheen, or Matte, what finish should I choose? Colour or tone is not the only factor that determines the overall appearance of your home. There are various levels of gloss (or sheen) that must also be considered when painting, as each level have different impacts on the way the paint behaves and […]


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      Sam An and his team painted the interior of our home. They were simply outstanding. Sam is an absolute gentleman. He is such a pleasure to deal with. He and his team are extremely professional, hard working, accommodatin... read more

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      We're really glad we chose Colour Life, and recommend them wholeheartedly. Our job involved windows with mullions - ie painful to paint - and Andrew & the crew did a wonderful job. Sam gave great advice on colour, and wa... read more

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      Sam and his merry men did a great job painting indoors and outdoors at our place. We are very happy with the result 🙂

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      We have just had the exterior of our house painted by the colour life team . We had a lot of deteriorated timber on gables and windows . The repair and painting of our house was of an exceptional standard . Our first mee... read more

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      Outstanding work, punctual every morning, great communication, very good painting job at a fair price

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      Exceeded Expectations (!)Our rental property was transformed to a “brand-new” looking quality home through internal painting of walls, ceilings, skirting & doors. From the first contact Sam provided valuable advice for c... read more

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      I would highly recommend Sam and his team. They have transformed our property from tired to amazing. Sams knowledgeable and expert advice was invaluable. The team was punctual, flexible to our needs, polite and tidy and ... read more

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      Sam and his team did a quality job painting the interior of our house. Cracks on the celing and walls were repaired above my expectation. I am absolutely delighted with advice provided on choosing the right paint for th... read more

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      An extremely professional and quality service. Sam helped us select a lovely colour scheme. Throughly explained what he was doing and why at each stage. Joseph & Young were punctual and responsive at all times . Great j... read more

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      Very professional team and easy to communicate. Sam and Young are quite helpful for choosing the exact paint color that we want for our house. We are totally satisfied with their working quality and efficiency. Highly re... read more

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      Pamela Levy

      Sam and his team have recently painted the exterior of my house. They did an outstanding job. They were always helpful, polite, and were very hard working. Overall provided a highly professional service which I highly r... read more

      Pamela Levy Avatar
      Pamela Levy

      Sam and his team have recently painted the exterior of my house. They did an outstanding job. They were always helpful, polite, and were very hard working. Overall provided a highly professional service which I highly r... read more

      Paul Brandling Avatar
      Paul Brandling

      CLP recently painted the entire exterior of our house after a word of mouth recommendation. The work required the co-ordination of several trades including scaffolding and rendering in addition to painting. Sam and the... read more

    • Paul Brandling Avatar
      Paul Brandling

      CLP recently painted the entire exterior of our house after a word of mouth recommendation. The work required the co-ordination of several trades including scaffolding and rendering in addition to painting. Sam and the... read more

      Paul Brandling Avatar
      Paul Brandling

      CLP recently painted the entire exterior of our house after a word of mouth recommendation. The work required the co-ordination of several trades including scaffolding and rendering in addition to painting. Sam and the... read more

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      Terence Byrnes

      As an architect with a keen eye for detail I unreservedly endorse Sam and his team of painters for their workmanship ,punctuality and courtesy. Yes there were some minor matters that needed rectification, nobody is perfe... read more