Can Commercial Paint Impact Energy Efficiency?

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The ‘Go Green’ slogans and eco-friendly business symbols are the common views these days. Making efforts to make your business greener and eco-friendly is an initiative that’s appreciated by your customers. While you are monitoring and making plans to reduce the energy usage in your building to contribute to a better working environment, you fail to notice how the sun’s radiation can have a significant impact on your commercial building. Yes, the professionals of commercial painting Sydney agree how the sun’s radiations affect the building, which in turn makes a significant impact on your energy expenses. As energy efficiency becomes substantial than ever, it’s crucial to talk to your commercial painters Sydney to paint your building for maximum energy efficiency.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are made using highly-reflective paint that could help you save energy while staying cooler using less air-conditioning. Roofs, when painted using reflective colours, can decrease the interior temperature of a building and reduce the cooling costs. It’s suitable for any type of building and improves the comfort of interior spaces where there are no air-conditioning systems installed. These types of roofs can reduce local air temperatures and reduces peak electricity demands.

Cool Walls

Sunlight-reflecting cool walls helps you save more energy than cool roofs. During the summer, cool walls prevent solar heat gain indoors, reduces electricity consumption, and reduces peak energy demand. Cool walls are achieved by using light-coloured paints with pigments enabling dark colours to reflect light.

Tips to Increase energy efficiency in Commercial Spaces Using Paint

  • Painting walls with light colours reflects more heat and provides a cool interior. However, you can ask your commercial painting contractors Sydney to paint walls dark, in a room that has no exterior walls and fewer windows.
  • When you paint your walls using light colours, there is no need for you to turn on your interior lights during the day time. This helps you save on monthly electricity bills.
  • Always choose heat reflective paint that can reduce the outer temperature by 25 to 30°C.
  • Neutral colours reflect more radiant energy and minimises the transfer of heat energy into the walls of your home.

The Bottom Line

Our world is facing extreme heat and weather events with record-high temperatures every year. So, it’s crucial to find a solution that protects us from extreme heat while reducing the energy usage. Painting the exterior and interior of your commercial building with light paint colours helps in reflecting more radiant energy and decreasing energy usage. Contact our professionals today to talk about your commercial painting Sydney and get help in choosing the right paint colours that improves your building’s energy efficiency.