Can Exterior House Painting Improve the Value of Your Home?

Exterior House Painting

Are you planning to sell your home? Exterior house painting done by certified house painters in Sydney can help you boost the value of your home. Wondering how exterior painting can improve the curb appeal and value of your house? Well, here we’ve listed a few pointers that help you understand the importance of painting the exterior of your home and how it helps in improving its value.

Did you know a good exterior paint job done by residential painters in Sydney is a show stopper and gives your home the best first impression? According to recent research reports, enhancing the exterior of your home, including a fresh coat of paint can boost your home value by two to three percent, and increase ROI by 51%

Improve Curb Appeal and Create a Better First Impression

A crisp coat of paint on your home exterior done by professional house painters in Sydney creates a better first impression on your customers. The colour and material of the siding is the first thing that your customers notice when they walk into your home. Bright colours attract a wider audience, so stick to subtle, bright colours that can catch the attention of the people walking into your home.

A Distinct Look to Your Home

Every one of us wants our home to look great, especially when it’s listed for sale. Keeping the exterior of your home look sharp by painting the exterior will make your house stand out improves the overall aesthetic appeal. Go for neutral colours such as greys, whites, tans, or browns, to add a distinct look for your home.

Get Better ROI

As mentioned earlier, painting the exterior of your home can improve the home’s value by 51%. Getting your house painted with soft or neutral colours, entices potential buyers to spend more on your home. It presents your home in a neat and clean way and attracts more home buyers who are in the pursuit of buying a home.

Why Hire Professionals for Painting Home Exterior?

While you could paint the exterior of your home on your own, hiring a professional is a smarter move, as it results in seamless, quality results.

  • The professional house painters in Sydney take care of all the aspects of exterior hour painting, including surface preparation, cleaning, and more. It helps you to save more time, and get your paint work completed as soon as possible.
  • Professional painters help you to complete the exterior painting on time, and this allows you to put your house on sale in the market faster.
  • They provide knowledgeable advice on the painting process and how it could help you in improving your house’s value.
  • They will use only high-quality, eco-friendly products to create the best results for your home.