Can Residential Painting Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

Residential painting

Are you planning to sell your home? Then, your exterior is often the first impression you give to potential buyers. A stunning exterior can attract potential buyers and increases the sales value of your property. According to our painters in Sydney, curb appeal shouldn’t be ignored, and it requires attention to keep them looking fresh and welcoming. Here we’ve listed a few tips on improving the curb appeal of your home with a residential painting.

Highlight Intricate Decorative Details with Pops of Colours

As mentioned earlier, your home exterior grabs the most attention, and exterior trims can provide huge attention to potential buyers. So, make these small decorative details stand out by adding splashes of colours to add some uniqueness. It intrigues buyers to explore more on your property. Your choice of colour must be based on the theme of your home, whether it’s vintage or modern. Choose a complementary colour, if you want to add more depth and contrast to your exterior trim. Or go for shades that are lighter or darker than the wall colour for a subtle look.

A Fresh Coat on Siding and Porch Ceilings

Siding and porch ceilings are the visible parts of your house and don’t leave them untouched. Repair any broken sidings and apply a fresh coat of paint to enhance the architectural details of your home. Paint porch ceilings with lighter shades of colours to create a sense of openness. You can also give a complimentary touch by choosing the same colours you use in outdoor furniture for porch.

Don’t Forget the Front Door

If you want to give your exterior an instant facelift, focus on your home door. Our residential painters help you to create an inviting entrance by painting the front door with unique shades of colours that match well with the rest of your home. Colour options for the front door are endless, and you can choose whatever colour that suit your unique style and personality.

Give Your Outdoor Furniture New Life

Did you know your outdoor furniture can really sell the space and improve the curb appeal? Well-maintained outdoor furniture with a fresh coat of paint is more inviting and makes a great first impression. So, upgrade your outdoor furniture and add a fresh coat of paint that stands out from your home exterior colour.

Breathe Life Back Into Your Garage

We all know that unkempt garage door can be an eyesore to the visitors, and a giving a fresh coat of paint to it with our house painters in Sydney helps you to breathe life back into your garage. A bright, well-maintained garage can add another dimension to your home and improves the overall look.

Do you want to improve the curb appeal of your home? Talk to our painters in Sydney now for more tips!