Choose From these 7 Best Paint Colours for Your Business Property

Tips on choosing the colour of your next room

According to psychology, colours play a great role in human emotions and decision making. The colour of paint used in your retail store will influence the purchase decision of your customers. This is why it is imperative to choose the right colours that align with your customers’ emotions and positively impact their buying potential. Here is a list of colours suggested by expert commercial painters in Sydney that you should use for your retail store to enhance your business:


Orange is a colour that motivates shoppers to take action. This colour is usually described as energetic, optimistic, and vibrant, thus attracting customers to come and see what you have got to offer.


In the retail space, green is usually related to wealth and money. Green is also easy on the eye and will certainly attract prospective customers. This colour is also associated with nature, healing, freshness, and safety, hence it is best suited to sell organic beauty products, or something similar.


Pink represents romance, and is a feminine colour, thus making it suitable for stores that specialise in selling products for women. Female Shoppers will apparently feel comfortable when they shop at your store.


Black is often associated with elegance, power, and luxury. If you are running a business that sells premium or expensive products, black colour would be your best bet. Black gives out a strong and bolt statement, and will certainly attract customers who prefer spending on luxury products.


Red is all about strength, energy, and passion. This is why experts of strata painting in Sydney suggest using this colour when you are running a special sale. Red instigates a sense of urgency, and it is possible to entice more customers when you exhibit a clearance sale with this colour.


Blue is about security, honesty and trust, thus making it a suitable choice for financial institutions such as banks.


White symbolises perfection, new beginnings, And goodness. If you have a bridal shop selling wedding gowns, white is in fact the right colour for you.

Choose the Right Commercial Painting Service:

Hire professional painters in Sydney who will get the painting job done the right way. Let them know which colour you prefer. The experts will also suggest you the right colour for your store depending on the products you sell.

  • Make sure that they have sufficient experience and certification before hiring them.
  • Check out their past projects and see if the results are appealing enough to you.
  • Ensure that they use only high-quality paints and that the job will be done within the stipulated time period.

Start researching for a painting company specialised in commercial or strata painting in Sydney, and contact the experts for any queries and assistance.