Common Commercial Painting Challenges and how to overcome them!

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People always tend to judge businesses by the outer appearance. Business owners want their commercial buildings to look attractive and well kept. A spick-and-span building will send a message to the public that the business is flourishing, which will, in turn, attract more business.

Hence, regular maintenance by commercial painting companies is vital to keep your building in top shape. A coat of paint will ensure excellent curb appeal for your business. However, unfortunately, sometimes, the layers of paint may cause problems by cracking, fading, or peeling. Let us now take a look at some of the common issues that commercial painters Sydney solve on a daily basis as part of their painting services.

Faded Paint:

Faded paint will not look vibrant or fresh. It gives your commercial building less business attire look. This will kill its curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can give your building back its life, letting people around know that you have pride in your business or commercial building.

It is crucial to select higher grade paint that is fade resistant. The paint should also hold up weather damage compared to regular grade paints. Consulting with painters Sydney about the type of paint that is best for your building, in the long run, will also save your money. The painters will help create an exterior look that will be fresh and crisp for a long time.

Blistered or Cracked Paint:

Peeled and cracked paints can show people, the owners of the building don’t care about its look. A commercial painting company can help in this case. They will remove off the peeling and cracked paint and then prepare the surface appropriately to prevent blistering and cracking on the new coat of paint. Proper preparation of the wall before painting it is vital to create a new painting job that will look attractive even in the long run.

Mildew or Mould:

Fungi grow on the shady sides of buildings, particularly in passages where one building shades the other. Whereas, mould grows on all surfaces and stains it making the building surface look darker in colour. Commercial painters Sydney have had much experience in dealing with mould problems. The team will remove off the mould entirely and then treat the area properly. Once properly prepared, they will repaint with mould resistant paint for long-lasting results.


Chalking is a common problem, and it is nothing but the formation of loosely-based powder in painted walls. Poor quality paintings with high levels of pigments are to be blamed for chalking. Age and application of the paint are also other significant factors for chalking. Also, if the paint you use is thinned out too much, it can cause a problem. Strata painting Sydney will scrape out the loose paint and repaint the affected areas after priming the bare spots. They will also apply high-quality paints.

So, when it is time to give your building a fresh look again, call professional painters to do the work right.

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