Common Paint Colours to Avoid In Your Bedroom

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Painting is a fast and inexpensive way to give new life into an old space or to make your home more marketable if you’re selling it. Hiring experienced painters North Shore can make your painting job an easy one. Paint is used in a range of sheens as well as oil or latex. Because of its ease of clean-up and long-lasting durability, latex paint is the most widely used and preferred paint form. It’s also less prone to fading and breathes better than grease, resulting in less paint blistering.

The job of selecting paint colours for your bedroom is crucial. Colour influences your mood and emotions in addition to contributing to the overall design of the space. Ascertain that your bedroom is a haven for rest and relaxation. Here, we have mentioned a few paint colours to avoid in your bedroom.


Red increases the energy level in a room, evoking feelings of elation, passion, or anger. These inflammatory emotions can over-activate the mind just before bedtime, making it difficult to fall asleep. If you must have a red-hued bedroom, choose a light, subdued shade rather than a bold one.


Orange is a vibrant and lively paint colour that is perfect for a playroom or an exercise room. However, in the bedroom, homeowners should choose a more soothing hue. Most painters North Shore suggest a lighter orange hue, like peach.


The lively, bright yellow stimulates the senses. Although sunny tones will provide a positive start to your day, they will not help you relax in the evening, potentially leading to sleep deprivation. In the bedroom, muted yellow shades are often a good option, or go for a different hue entirely.


Chocolate brown and mink are becoming common home interior colours, but their heaviness makes a bedroom feel claustrophobic and cramped. Furthermore, the dark hues can leave you feeling unmotivated to get out of bed in the morning. If you really must have a brown bedroom, go for a light shade.


Sage, seafoam and mint are all soothing greens that work well in the bedroom. Lime green, on the other hand, is a much brighter and vivid colour. The colour should be reserved for a room with more steam, such as the kitchen or living room.


White is a common colour for bedrooms because it reflects light and makes a room feel airy. A predominantly white space, on the other hand, may appear sterile and cold. Instead, go for a neutral look with tan or beige shades, which are more warm, soothing, and serene.


Steel grey appears cold and confrontational, while warm grey walls can build a calming neutral space. During house painting North Shore, avoid using cool, darker greys in the bedroom to avoid creating an unwelcoming atmosphere.

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