Common Signs That You Need To Repaint Your Home

Although there are general rules for how frequently to paint the exterior of your house, you might not know exactly when it was last painted for your house. You will need to watch out for certain stuff in this situation. Once your home shows the following signs, you need to be conscious that it’s actually time to refresh your paint job outside with the help of professional painters in Sydney.

Assessing the damage

Even though, the paint helps to shield the surfaces from the elements, every surface won’t last forever. Within your stucco you can see cracks, or signs of rotting within wood. At this stage, the damage will need to be assessed and the surface repaired. When this is finished, giving the house a fresh coat of paint is necessary to ensure the surface is adequately protected from the elements. Make sure to hire experienced residential painters in Sydney to do the job.

Bubbling and peeling

When you see paint that is peeling or bubbling, action should be taken immediately. It leaves areas of your home vulnerable to the elements until paint is peeling away. This may cause harm in the long run. If the wood is exposed to rain or snow, the effect may be molding and even rotting. When you experience any of these signs then it’s time to do a fresh paint job for the entire exterior of the building with the help of expert painters in Sydney.


Caulking is usually around the windows and doors, and is used to secure them properly. By simply filling them in with fresh caulking, they can sometimes be repaired if you notice small cracks in those areas. It can allow moisture to flow in if left untreated, which could cause much harm. If you find wider cracks, you’ll probably want to remove the caulking and apply a fresh paint coat to give it an extra protective layer.

Mold and stains

Sometimes, molds and stains are just exterior stains that can be rubbed away or detached with pressure cleansing or a small elbow lubricant. However, these stains may often be signs of deeper damage. When you can’t eradicate a persistent stain, getting a professional look at it is a smart idea. Most stains just want to be painted on the surfaces, but if there’s more significant damage you may need to remove the stuff.

Fading colors

After years of standing up to rain, snow and strong sunshine, the exterior paint is likely to start fading. Fading is often more than just an aesthetic issue; it is also the first indication that your paint job is no longer protecting your home needs. If you note the color looks a little dull or dark, consideration of a fresh paint job with the help of professional house painters in Sydney is a good idea. You will not only give your home a facelift, but you will keep it better protected from the elements as well.