Why You Should Consider Repainting Your Business Property and When

Consider these 5 Things Before You Begin Interior House Painting

Aesthetics and curb appeal are not just applicable for homes. Business properties also have equal importance regarding the same. Some of the elements that generate a good first impression amongst potential customers include merchandising, signage, and the condition of your infrastructure. So, one of the ways to make your business stand out is to repaint the property with the help of commercial painters in Sydney. But, when exactly? Read on to find out:

When Should You Repaint your Building?

Analyse the condition of the building to decide whether you need to repaint the same. Here are some of the common building issues you need to lookout for:

Peeling and Bubbling:

Moisture occupies under the painted surfaces, which could be due to water droplets, plumbing errors, high humidity, or water leaks. These water bubbles could be usually found in kitchens and bathrooms, or when there’s no sufficient ventilation. When you notice bubbling or peeling of paint, you will have to hire commercial painters in Sydney to repaint your building.

Cracked or Missing Paint:

When paints are exposed to external elements, it could crack and chip over time. When you don’t resolve this problem with the help of a professional painter, it could spread and affect the layers of the paint.


You would notice that there’s no cracking or peeling of paint, but when you try brushing the surface softly using your fingertips, it leaves a powder or residue on your fingers. This is called chalking, and it usually happens when the paint wears out over time. Chalking is also the result of improper building maintenance.

Discolouration and Fading of Paint:

As the exterior of the building is exposed to sunlight, the paint quality will reduce. This will be easily noticeable with bright paint colours. So, when you see that the paint colour has changed, you will have to hire professionals for commercial painting in Sydney.

Mould and Mildew Growth:

In areas where there’s poor sunlight and relatively increased moisture, there could be growths of algae, mildew, mould, and moss as well. These could be removed with the help of a power washer and the right cleaning products. If these are taken care of, it could cause damage to the paint.

When you notice peeling, flaking, or cracking of paint, power washing wouldn’t be suggested as it could damage the surface.

Factors that Determine the Longevity of the Paint:

There are several factors that determine the longevity of the paint, and this includes the following:

  • Material Quality: When you invest in a premium quality paint, the results would last longer.
  • Climate: Exposure to bright sunlight leads discoloration and fading of the paint. Also, exposure to harsh weather conditions such as stormy rain, snow, and more could cause the paint to wear faster.
  • Service Quality: The longevity of paint not just depends on the quality of the material, but also the service delivered by a proficient painting contractor.

Hiring qualified commercial painting contractors in Sydney will help you in maintaining the aesthetics of your building, in a way that’s beneficial for your business in the long run.