Do White Walls Look Bare and Boring? It Doesn’t have to Be!

Do White Walls Look Bare and Boring? It Doesn’t have to Be!

Thinking of painting your walls white? Are you confused with the phrase ‘white is boring?’ White paint can work wonders in one while wreaking havoc on another. Like all other colours, white colour is associated with temperature, mood, light reflectivity and style. According to painters Chatswood, there are different shades of white paint available in the market today in which some will make your home look fresh and bright while the other shades make it feel boring. So, here we are with our home styling tips to ensure your home looks great with a fresh coat of white paint.

Get a Cosy Feeling

Do you want to make your home feel cosy? Then choose white shades with warm undertones. Warm whites are the better option to highlight your hallway, brighten up your kitchen space, spruce up the look of your cabinets, and keep your home feel cosy.

A Crisp and Cool Look

Don’t you want your white paint to be yellowed or look warm? A cool-toned white is an absolute choice for those people who like something modern and contemporary. It’s a great way to bring some light into your room. So, if you have a dark room in your home or apartment, white paint is the right choice. It transforms your spaces from dark and dingy to light and airy.

Go for Neutral Whites

Painters Gordon recommend choosing neutral white paints if you’d love to highlight the furniture and other decorative accents of your home than the walls. Neutral white paint does not have undertones, isn’t cool or warm, hence reflects light without anything being absorbed. When you apply neutral whites, your décor is going to be the star.

Get Colour Freedom

Did you know white gives colour freedom to any space it’s added to? If you love white, go ahead, and embrace its magic by bringing more colours into your space. For instance, if you choose teal or blue for your living room decorations and get bored of it in six months, you can easily change the look by simply changing furnishings like pillows and more without hiring painters Hills District.

Things to Consider While Painting Your Walls White

  • Consider the natural light source of your room because clear white paint will optimize the light of these spaces. Choose a cooler shade of white if you get natural light throughout the year, and go for warm shades if you have a lot of cold weather.
  • Try a sample of white shade you are considering to see how it looks in the morning and afternoon.
  • Use a variety of different colours and textures in your furnishings, pillows, fabrics, rugs, and accessories.

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