Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Paint Colours

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Paint Colours

Painting your office with the right colour is crucial as it affects not only the aesthetics of your business, but also your businesses overall productivity. So, what paint colour will you choose for your office? There are several factors to consider when selecting the office paint shades and here are they:-

How colour affects your productivity

This is one of the significant factors you need to consider when choosing office colours. It is not enough to pick the right colour because different shades motivate certain people. So, consider the type of work you are into.

Blue – It is the universal shade that believed to increase productivity. It helps to stay focused and inspire feelings of calmness.

Yellow – It has uplifting qualities and helps to be more creative.

Red – If you want your employees to be physically active, red is your best bet.

Green – It is a soothing shade that has a calming nature. If your employees work long hours at the office, green is the right shade.

Choose the colours based on the nature of your work so that you could narrow down your choices. The commercial painters Sydney can help you choose the right shades.


Once you determine the shade, you have to consider how intense you want the shade to be. While a soft and subtle shade is more soothing, bright hues are stimulating. Most of the businesses choose light hues of blue and green. If you are not sure, commercial painting contractors Sydney can make you understand how each shade looks.

Consider your brand

For most companies, it is essential to stay on brand and communicate the brand message. So, consider painting your office your brand’s colours.

When it comes to commercial painting in Sydney, paint your office space with colours such as white, green and blue. However, don’t hesitate to choose bold shades. Contact commercial painters Sydney to paint your office.