Five Best Colours for Classrooms

Five Best Colours for Classrooms

It is proven that colours can enhance the learning experience and significantly impact student behaviour, academic performance, and well-being. So, it is essential to pick the right colours based on the functional use of the space and student population. In this blog, we, commercial painting contractors Sydney, have shared the best colour for painting the classrooms, and here are they:-


Red is associated with energy. It is capable of generating feelings of energy and encourages creativity. When used in classrooms, it can help to enhance the student’s mood instantly. Try using shades of red in conjunction with detailed oriented tasks to give students the energy boost.


Yellow is associated with attention-seeking, so it is the right choice for grabbing students’ attention. Shades of yellow generate positive energy, encourage creativity, and capture the attention of a restless classroom.


Studies show that orange encourages critical thinking and memory. Also, shades of orange have affect circulation and increase the oxygen supply to the brain. So, why not add some shades of orange in your classrooms?


Blue is known for increasing productivity, and it is one of the best colours for a classroom. As it encourages a sense of well-being, it is an ideal choice for challenging learning centres.


Green promotes a sense of relaxation and calmness. It is one of the most restful colours for eyes, and when used rightly, you could create a calming atmosphere in your classrooms.

When used correctly, these colours can help you create the best learning environment for your students. Need help with painting your classrooms or commercial painting? CLP – the best commercial painters got you covered. Please call us for more details.