Follow these 5 Expert Tips to Paint a Ceiling

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If you are thinking about giving a fresh look to your ceiling with a new coat of paint, you might be wondering how to get this done. Painting a ceiling is no easy job. These 5 tips from the expert painters in Sydney should help you out:

Clear the Space and Move Away Furniture First:

While painting the ceiling, the paint will obviously drip. You don’t want your furniture and other items in your space to be spoilt by paint. So, what you need to do first is to move away furniture and clear the space before beginning to paint the ceiling. If this is not practical, then make sure that all the furniture is covered with plastic drop sheets. Also, clear any dust off the ceiling to make the paint job perfect.

Use Proper Rollers:

Lightweight rollers are perfect to get the job done, as they are easy to hold and use. You might need a ladder to paint the ceiling, and may also require a roller extension pole. Using quality equipment does make a difference.

Secure the Floors:

Once you clear the space, make sure to protect your floors from paint drips, using canvass or cloth drop sheets. Expert painters in Sydney recommend dropping down lights or removing light fitting covers if possible.

Apply a Second Coat, if Required:

Once you are done with a fresh coat of paint, wait for it to dry and see how it looks under natural sunlight and ceiling lights. If you are not happy with it, you should apply a second coat on the ceiling.

Hire Professional Painters:

The best thing to do is to hire interior painting Sydney professionals, to avoid costly errors and fulfil the job perfectly. As they have sufficient experience, they will implement the right painting techniques and be aware of possible painting mistakes, thereby ensuring your ceiling will be painted per your requirements.

Get in touch with an interior house painting Sydney company today and discuss how the ceiling painting project would be done. Remember to deal only with licensed painters to make the most of your investment.