Fool the Eye – Tricks to Add Some Pizzazz to a Small Space

Fool the Eye – Tricks to Add Some Pizzazz to a Small Space

Small spaces at your home may feel confining, uninviting, and uncomfortable. If you have a small space that feels cramped, don’t fret! With some interior design trends, you can make smaller spaces look larger. These interior design trick includes incorporating colour techniques, furniture arrangement, lighting design, and more. In this blog, our painters in Chatswood lists a few painting tricks that can open up a small room in your home and enhances its look.

Consider a Focal Wall

Creating an accent wall that you choose to pain with a dark colour than the rest of the walls in the small room opens up the space and make it look larger.

Use Different Shades of Same Colours

Did you know using different shades of the same colour throughout the small room makes it appear larger and brings everything together? Yes, using different colours or different shades of the same colour can have different effects on a space. Add pillows, artwork, and other accessories with different shades of the same colour throughout the spaces. This technique allows your eyeballs to move and look around the room, giving a sense of more space. Also, when you use different colours, your eye stops at the place where the colour changes, making the edges more prominent, and the size of the room appears larger. Yes, a little bit of paint can make all the difference.

Say ‘No’ to Dark Colours

If you have a small space in your home, dark colours are a big ‘NO.’ According to the professional painters in Gordon, light colours are more reflective than the dark ones, opens up your space, and gives an airy feel. Moreover, they are gentle on your eyes and makes the space appear larger. You can choose off-white, light tones of blue and other colours to enhance the look of your smaller room.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

In the process of making your room appear bigger, it’s easy to forget the ceilings. The leading painters in Hills District suggest painting the ceiling with light colours adds more depth and make it seem higher than it is. You can also paint the ceiling using a dark colour to make it appear lower, and the room feels cosier.

Paint Everywhere

Paint the walls, ceilings, radiator, the inside of a bookshelf, window sill, and more to add more depth and excitement to the room. If you have a hall, paint that a dark colour and use lighter shades in the living room to make it look comparatively bigger.

Colourful Stripes

Adding colourful strips to the wall makes it seem airy and large. If you are using vertical lines, it appears higher, while horizontal stripes make it look broader.

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