Give a Classic Touch to Your Historic Interior – Hire Professional Painters Now!

Give a Classic Touch to Your Historic Interior

Over the years, Australian residential architectural styles have evolved significantly from historical to more sophisticated styles. Compared to the rest of the world, Australia is filled with an abundance of beautiful heritage buildings and precincts. As historic interior has become a trend these days, many homeowners are doing their best to protect their historic interior. If your historic home interior has started showing signs of damage such as paint peeling off from walls or more, it’s time to hire the right house painters in Sydney to restore its beauty. So, here is a simple guide that helps you out in choosing the right painters for your historic home.

Prep Work

Preparation is the essential aspect of the painting job, and it must be done right to achieve a quality finish. The professional house painters do the prep work before painting a historic interior. They ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems.

Buildings that are built before 1978 have lead paint, and the painters in Sydney will test the surface walls to ensure there are no obstructions before applying a fresh coat of paint on lead-painted surfaces. They also check and determine if there is a need for sanding, scraping or cutting. They offer safe and effective lead paint removal services for heritage buildings.

Adhesive Test

One of the most common problems of historic homes is peeling paint. Professional painters in Sydney perform a simple adhesion test to find out whether there is any uncompromised layer that may be hidden under the topcoat. During the adhesion test, the painters select a discrete area, cut a mark in the paint, apply regular masking tape over the cuts, rub it and pull it off. If the paint comes off with the tape, there is an uncompromised layer that will continue giving peeling issues if it isn’t addressed properly.

Existing Damages

The best residential painters in Sydney survey the structural integrity of walls before painting the historic interior. They check for existing issues such as scratches, cracks, dents, and fill them up to get a flawless look.

Paint Finishes

Experienced house painters in Sydney follow the right painting technique to give a perfect finishing touch to your walls. They have the expertise to restore heritage homes to their former glory and also suggest you the right paint solutions for dust protection, pest prevention, and value addition. Following the Australian standards, they also apply a minimum of a three-coat paint system using only quality paint and materials.

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