Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with these Timeless Paint Colours

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with these Timeless Paint Colours

Your bathroom is your personal oasis, and you want it to be functional, relaxing and relevant to the times. Like fashion trends, bathroom trends also come and go. But, if you want to keep your bathroom timeless, you should not regret your design choices for at least five years from now. So, here our painters in Sydney has listed a few paint colours that can be incorporated in your bathroom remodelling so that it stays timeless.

Go Bold

Paint your bathroom with bold colours, if the rest of your home is neutral and safe. It’s a daring option but gives your bathroom a secret timeless look.


Pale aquamarines imitate the hues of the ocean, and it easily becomes the perfect colour for your bathroom space. If your bathroom is flooded with natural light, our residential painters in Sydney recommends you to consider pale aquamarine for a soothing effect.

Black and White

Painting your bathroom black and white is a classic option and give your bathroom a timeless look. Black walls with white subway tiles give your bathroom a sleek, retro feel. Moreover, black floors are on-trend right now, and decorating with marble gives your bathroom a fancier look.

Choose Pastel Colours

When painted in pastel colours by licensed painters in Sydney, your bathroom gives out a bright, cheerful tone. Pastel colour pair well with wooden accents and green plants, and emits a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Charcoal Brown

House painters in Sydney recommends charcoal brown if your bathroom has a wonderful backdrop of green house plants, a marble countertop or a vanity mirror. It adds elegance and an earthy feel to your room. But, make sure that you aren’t choosing charcoal brown that is browner than the black or grey as it puts off the vibrant look and ends up looking dirty.

Classic White

The colour white deserves to be crowned as ‘timeless’ and helps you to achieve a fresh look. When you apply white to your bathroom, it looks clean, fresh, and attractive. With an excellent background in white, you can create several focal points and colour accents that can make your bathroom look trendy and attractive always.

Textured Walls

Textured walls are suitable for small bathrooms as it adds more depth to smaller spaces. If you are opting for textured walls, try shades of brown or any dark colours, because earthy tones give a warm feeling and comfort.

Neon Colours

Neon colours scream youth and excitement and are great for a kid’s bathroom. For some people, painting your bathroom using neon colours sounds risk, but it can reveal your fun and creative side. Consider monochromatic paint with neon accents if you are too worried about the longevity.