Healing Colours to Promote Happiness and Comfort in Your Health Care Facility

Healing Colours to Promote Happiness and Comfort in Your Health Care Facility

Every patient entering a dental office or a healthcare facility goes through a mix of emotions. Painting the lobby, waiting room, patient rooms, and other rooms of your lobby with healing hues makes your patient feel comfortable in the atmosphere. Yes, the usage of comforting colours at health care facilities makes patients feel more at home. According to commercial painting contractors Sydney, these colours have a significant impact on the patient’s brain and can make them feel calm and energetic. This eliminates stress and provides positive health results.

Do you want to make your healthcare colour scheme stand out from others? Here we have listed a few tips to choose the right paint colour for your health care facility.

Pick Healthful Hues

Colour psychology has been playing a crucial role in the interior design of a medical facility for a long time. Gone are the days when they used either a bright, overly-stark white or a pale to dress their facility. Today, a wide variety of colours are used in medical facilities to be more welcoming and ease the emotions of the patients. Some of the popular healing colours for hospitals are orange, green, blue, pink, and purple. You can also choose neutral colours such as beige, brown, and more.

Hues You Can Choose


Orange is considered to be one of the best colours for medical facilities as it radiates warmth, joy, and happiness. Orange is highly recommended by commercial painters Sydney for children’s room and hospitals because it does not distract patients or make them feel agitated.


The colour yellow is associated with intelligence and known for detoxifying the body and mind to heal patients quickly. Moreover, this colour is highly recommended for skin clinics as it inspires creativity in patients who feel down. But, avoid overusing it to prevent any reverse effects.


The restful colour, green, is commonly used for commercial painting Sydney as it signifies growth and renewal. It has balanced healing properties and is found beneficial for cardiac, liver, and circulatory health.


Blue signifies calm and serenity. It’s widely used in health care facilities because it helps lower blood pressure and decreases rapid heart rate. This colour is often associated with the sense organs and relaxes your mind and body.

Colours to Avoid


This passionate, warm colour triggers internal energy and conveys a feeling of excitement. You must avoid red in any situation when it comes to medical facilities because it increases adrenaline and elevates blood pressure.


A hint of black can make your medical room feel more sophisticated. But it can cause restlessness in patients because this colour is associated with power and authority. It doesn’t throw any friendly vibe, and it must be avoided in any case.

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