House on Sale? A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Make a Difference

House on Sale? A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Make a Difference

Are you getting ready to put your home on sale? You’ve made the fixes your realtor told you to do, yet you haven’t received any quality leads? What are you missing here? Maybe, a fresh coat of paint! Exterior house painting Sydney has a great effect on your home value and help you get top dollar. Here, we’ve listed a few tips on using exterior paint to get more offers.

Prepare Your House for a Higher Offer

Now, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You are looking into the market for a home to buy and found a home that you liked. But it still had those little fixes that you will need to do later, cracks on paint, and more. Will you buy that home? The answer is, ‘it depends.’ Either you will get it for the lowest offer, or you will walk away from it.

Similarly, when buyers are looking at your home in the market, they want it to be perfect. Even cracking or peeling paint can push the buyer to reduce the price they quote in offer. When you address the exterior painting issues, you are cutting a big list of doubts and encouraging the buyer to give you a higher offer.

Stand Out from the Other Listings

Getting exterior or interior painting Sydney improves the curb appeal and makes your house stand out from the other houses in the listing. A well-chosen and well-executed painting job can attract more leads.

Help Buyers Save Pennies

Yes! Generally, the interior repairs and fixes are simple and affordable, compared to the cost of exterior house painting Sydney. By adding a fresh coat of paint, you are helping the buyer save a good deal of amount otherwise would be spent on taking care of the home exterior.

Gain More ROI

Exterior house painting Sydney shows off the best features of your home and instantly improves the curb appeal. It increases your property value in the market, and you will get a more return on investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your painters to discuss how much value does exterior painting adds to your property.