House Painting – How Long does Paint Last in Rooms?

House Painting - How Long does Paint Last in Rooms?

A fresh coat of paint can transform the look and feel of your rooms. With so many colours to choose from, you get to use your creativity and decide on how you can enhance your home’s interior décor. Then again, you are asking yourself how long an interior paint job would last. The longevity of interior paint jobs depends on different factors such as the paint quality and the room. The expert painters Sydney explain more below:


Kitchen is one of the most used areas in a house. It’s where you prepare the meals and get together with family. And due to the heavy usage on a daily basis, kitchens are subjected to wear and tear easily. This includes the paint on the walls too. According to the painters Sydney, you will notice that the paint will start to fade after about 10 years on average.

Living Room:

Living room is another area that is used commonly by families. Just like kitchen, the paint job on living room walls also lasts about 10 years, considering you maintain it well. It’d only get worse if you have kids frequently scribbling on the walls. So, if you notice the paint fading or that the wall is too dirty, contact the expert house painters Sydney for a revamp.


Bathroom is one of the toughest areas when it comes to painting. When the walls are constantly exposed to steam and moisture, it weakens the paint overtime, thus causing it to appear duller. Paint in bathrooms will last between three and four years. And if they aren’t used as much, it could last perhaps up to six years.

To ensure the paint job lasts long, get it done by professional residential painters Sydney and make sure the paint is of good quality.