How Do You Fix Bubbled Paint On Walls?

How Do You Fix Bubbled Paint On Walls?

It is really disgusting to look at bubbles on the newly painted walls, after spending a lot of time and money on the painting project. But, what causes the bubbles and blistering anyway? Well, bubbling is usually caused due to failing to prime a wall or when painted over a damp area or because of the dirt that lies under the paint. These paint bubbles are not very difficult to repair, it can be fixed. Here are some suggestions from the experts in interior house painting

Reasons for the formation of Paint Bubbles –

  • Dirty Walls
  • Skipping the primer
  • Too much of moisture
  • Heat
  • Using the wrong paint, technique, and tools

How to Avoid Paint Bubble on Walls?

The interior painting Sydney experts mention that it is better to avoid the problem, even before it arises. Yes, attempting to fix the blisters by scraping and repairing after the painting project might not work always. You might have to wait for one or two weeks for the latex paint to dry up, and a few days for the oil and alkyd to become dry when attempting the repairs. To keep away from the bubbling of the fresh paint coat, the surface must be prepared as follows –

  • Wipe and wash off any dirt on the wall’s surface
  • Rinse the surface of the walls with clean water, and dry before commencing with the painting task.
  • Prime any new joint combination with flat latex paint or latex primer and allow it to dry off completely before painting.
  • Consider installing exhaust fans or vents to minimise the humidity in the house.

If you’re faced with blistered paint, get the help of professional Sydney painters, they will fix it for you!