How Often Should I Paint My Home’s Exterior?

Home exterior painting Sydney

So you think that your home’s exterior needs a new paint job. Are you wondering how long an exterior paint job should last? Well, from our experience, an exterior paint job should last anywhere from four to eight years if maintained well. However, if you live in harsh climatic conditions, the lifespan of an exterior paint job may vary.

See, every home is different, and it’s difficult to say how often should you repaint or how long the exterior paint job will actually last. Most painters would recommend painting the homes every five to ten years. But, yet the timeline can vary based on the climatic conditions, quality of paint, and where you live.

To give you more idea, we have listed some of the major factors that will affect the paint job:-

Natural Elements

The climate and weather condition where you live in significantly affect the lifespan of painting Sydney project. If you live in a place where your house receives harsh sunlight throughout the summer, the chances are high the paint will start to bubble, crack, and fade sooner than it should. This is not the case if your house in a shady area as you can expect the paint to last for a long time. On the other hand, if is your house is in an area with long, harsh winters, bad storms, and high humidity, the paint will fade sooner, and you need to paint your homes’ exterior frequently.

Previous Painting Job

For paint to adhere well, the painting surface should be cleaned well, cracks and dents should be fixed, and dried well. If you have just moved into a property, you might not actually know the last time property was painted and how it was done. Besides, if you have painted your house by yourself, probably you have skipped preparation or not done well. Also, the quality of paint used for the painting job should also be factored in. The quality of paint, techniques used to paint, and the preparation work can all affect the lifespan of a painting job. Usually, high-quality painting jobs done by the professional painting company Sydney tends to last longer.


When was the last time you had washed and cleaned the exterior walls of your house/ probably you don’t remember at all, isn’t it? The overall maintenance and care of your home’s exterior can impact how long the paint job will last. It is important to regularly inspect the house and look for signs of wear and tear, dampness, and mould growth.

As you see, these factors will determine how often you should paint your home’s exterior. In addition, it is essential to choose the right painter to make the paint job last longer. Are you looking for a painting company in Sydney? A simple Google search of house painters near me can help you choose the best one. For further queries, please call us.