How Strata Painting Increase The Value Of Your Building?

How Strata Painting Increase The Value Of Your Building?

Strata paint work is sometimes considered to be of a class other than residential, and even industrial, type. Nonetheless, the skills and equipment needed to complete complex strata jobs are very different from those necessary for domestic paint work indoors and outdoors. Strata work involves painting the exterior and interior of large buildings and putting scaffolding in place to paint at great heights.

How to choose the company that offers strata painting Sydney?

  • Make sure that the strata painters hold the licenses and insurance policies
  • Check their online reviews to know about their service. You can also ask your friends or relatives about the company.
  • Ask for the portfolio of their works. Well established commercial painting contractors in Sydney will have an extensive gallery to show off their work.
  • Make sure to get 2 to 3 quotes before choosing the Strata painting company for your needs.
  • Trust your instincts. You need to trust the impression that you get when you talk to your prospective painters.
  • It is always better to get a bargain while hiring a Strata painting company, but not too much. By paying a little more can save a big headache later.

How Strata Painting Service Benefits Your Property?

Curb appeal

Whether it’s an apartment building or an office building, looks and looks are obviously not the whole thing and end all when someone is looking for space, but they remain very important and one of the main initial selling points. If the exterior of your building is freshly painted and looks good, then people may inquire about the availability.


We are not just painting our homes and buildings for aesthetic purposes. In addition, paint acts as a protective cover and can function to avoid pest and moisture damage that can cause corrosion. It also reduces the impact of the harsh Australian sun which can cause substantial damage to many wood surfaces. Eventually, fungi and other contaminants are less likely to build up on a painted surface, thereby giving the building a cleaner look and thus avoiding the subsequent rotting of wood.

Psychological Effects

For all painting work, including strata painting Sydney, color selection is very critical. This can go a long way in helping a specific building to establish or adopt a certain look. Whether the architectural style is colonial, modern or post-modern, it has a huge bearing on its overall appeal, ensuring the paint color complements. This, in turn, can be a big factor in defining not only the types of people who will be interested in renting space in the building but also their experience of it.

Without proper painting a good building isn’t complete. You need to employ the best commercial painters Sydney and that’s why there is our team at Colour Life Painting, CLP. Our team provides high quality strata painting services to the customers.