Interior Painting Ideas to Show Your Personality!

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Do you know your home’s interior says a lot about you? One of the best things that make a home indeed yours is by showing your unique style. Interior painting is one of the finest ways to flaunt your style, and even a small change can display exactly who you are. There are ways you can use paints in unique ways to create a space your guests will ooh and ahh over. Hire the best painters North Shore to give life to your dreams!

Which colour is best for home walls?

One of the most obvious choices for painting is adding colours to your walls. Do not be afraid to explore colours a bit outside the norm if you plan to live longer in the house. According to painters North Shore, if you are planning to sell or flip the house soon, neutral colours are often the best.

You can add up an accent wall with a bang of colours and brighten your space which is otherwise drab. You can also choose to paint a design on the wall of your living room that visitors observe upon entering your home.

Kitchen cabinets!

Black granite countertops with white cabinets are the current trend, however, what if you thought outside the box a bit? Instead of painting white, what if you went with a colour that is unique? More distinctive tints like grey tiles and deep navy blue cabinets could look great!

If you have some different colour options or if you are confused to select yours, you can talk to house painters North Shore for some guidance.


One popular trend that has been growing is adding a pop of colour to the ceiling while keeping the walls neutral. This tends to add some fresh colours without overwhelming the room. It does make a statement when somebody walks into the room.

Sectioned accent!

Another excellent idea for interior painting from painters North shore is to create a section of accent colour rather than painting the entire wall. This will allow you to highlight and artwork, fireplace or some other unique features of your home without committing to a single colour for the whole space.

Do you want a wall for your big screen TV? Just set of the section where the TV rests with a different block of colour.

There are different ways to utilise the sectioned accent. However, if you are not sure of the best use of this technique, you can consult with your professional painters. They can help you with plans for what you should do to create that unique look!

Tips from professional painters North Shore Sydney:

One of the key ways to use paint colours to create a one-of-a-kind look for your living space is not to be afraid to use colours. Always give it a try, if things don’t turn out the way you expected you can always repaint it. There are many brilliant ways to put your stamp on your home and make it exceptional!