Is it Recommended to Paint Over Mould? Here’s the Answer

Is it Recommended to Paint Over Mould? Here’s the Answer

Strata painting is a great way to refresh the look of your property. What if you notice mould growth on the surface while painting? Sometimes it would feel like painting over the mould is the easiest way to deal with this problem, however it will only make things worse. The experts of strata painting Sydney do not recommend painting over mould. Here’s why:

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Over Mould?

Painting over mould wouldn’t be good for the health of you and your family. The key is to identify the source of the mould in order to resolve the problem. Even if you do so, the mould will only continue to develop. Eventually it would damage your property.

What Really Happens When You Paint Over Mould?

The strata painting Sydney experts clarify that paint isn’t capable of stopping mould growth. Paint can only prevent build-up of moisture, by which mould growth can be avoided. If the mould is painted over, you will notice chipping, cracking, or bubbling paint on the surface.

What you are supposed to do in this circumstance is to contact a mould remediation expert who can help get rid of it. By doing so, your paint job will last longer and you wouldn’t notice any further mould problems down the road.

Effective Ways to Prevent Mould:

Here are two useful tips from the qualified strata painters Sydney to prevent mould growth in your property:

  • Use a mould resistant primer for your strata painting project. This is really important when you are painting rooms containing moisture, such as bathroom and kitchen.
  • Make sure that your property remains dry and ventilated in order to prevent humidity. Using dehumidifiers can be very helpful.

Strata painting is not a simple process, therefore hire recognised strata painting services for the perfect paint job. They will take the necessary steps to prevent mould growth in your property.