Kid’s Room – A perfect Canvas for Creativity

Are you planning to update your child’s bedroom? Painting your kid’s room can be a lot of fun! Oh, yes, not always. Picking out the right paint colour for your kid’s room can be tricky as you have to select a hue that reflects their unique style, and at the same time, you must ensure the colour you’ve chosen complement the other rooms in your home. From an array of paint options to epic images, there are a few different things to consider when choosing to repaint your kid’s room with the help of professional painters in North Shore.

Your Child Will Grow Up

When painting your kid’s room, there are no hard-set rules. So, you will be tempted to use all your creative designs, from a pirate theme to a unicorn, from floor to ceiling. But, don’t jump into a decision too fast.

Your child will outgrow these trends quicker than you think. So, while deciding on paint for your kid’s room, ensure that your kids won’t outgrow it quickly, and keep the future in mind. Talk to your painters in North Shore to come up with a paint colour or design that allow your child to grow with the room. If you are choosing an Elsa theme, keep the walls neutral blue so it will act as a steady backdrop even after changing the bedding and other accessories of the room.

Include Your Child in Decision-making

As a parent, you must encourage your kids to involve in picking out his or her favourite colours and themes. After all, it’s their haven and incorporating their passion and ideas will make it a fun hangout to spend time in.

Go Minimal

When choosing a theme for a kid’s room, it’s common for parents to go overboard and use too much of a good theme. Doing this affects the overall appeal of the room. So, go minimal and try to balance the look of the room by using neutral colours on walls, using minimal accessories, and more.

Paint the Furniture

If you are choosing a neutral paint option for the walls and ceiling, bring in colour by painting the furniture. Ask your house painters in North Shore to use high-gloss paint that creates a polished finish.

Choose Geometric Patterns

Are you hesitant to choose jungle animals or a fairy tale theme? Well, then go with geometric patterns for a contemporary and kid-friendly look. Incorporating geometric designs is a stylish solution for shared rooms. Paint the patterns with bright kid-friendly colours for a youthful look.

Do you find it difficult to choose the right paint colour for your kid’s room painting in North Shore? Our painters can assist you! Get in touch with us now to choose exciting paint colours that transform the look of your room.