Kitchen Cabinets Paint Colour Ideas!

Consider these 5 Things Before You Begin Interior House Painting

The kitchen in every home is a gathering place. Family and friends prepare meals here, and this is a place where coffee is shared. Homework is completed, and mail is also read here! So the kitchen is like the heart of the home. What comes to your mind when you think about your kitchen? Is it welcoming? Does the colour scheme match? We agree maybe you love it, however, are you ready to try something new. Whatever the reasons, if it’s time to paint your kitchen cabinets and give it a lift, then think of giving your kitchen a unique flavour!

A fresh coat of paint by painters Eastern Suburbs is an inexpensive and easy way to upgrade your style when compared to how much replacing your kitchen cabinets would cost. Let’s explore some of the popular colours that are trending now.

Cool Mint!

The fresh mint or light green colour can brighten up spaces and reflect any light coloured surfaces such as a backsplash. The green can make your kitchen look muted but bright on the other end.

According to expert painting services Eastern Suburbs, cool mint colour softens the look of any hard edges adding a vintage feel with a modern style.

Light Grey!

Talking about light grey, we are not going for the slate colour which looks like a stormy sky. Light grey almost looks like a soft brown colour. It gives a light dark aspect for the cabinets and a uniform look that adds a traditional feel while remaining casual.

Classic Blue!

People often try dark blue. However, expert painters services Eastern Suburbs suggests, also to try lighter versions. If there are light colours used in combinations you can add a coastal vibe to your kitchen that looks welcoming, however, not overwhelming!

Sage Green!

Sage green is nothing but a mutated green mixed with a touch of ochre yellow and brown.  This green adds a sandy look with a small splodge of colour keeping it interesting. Sage green doesn’t overpower it is delicate and blends with nearly any decor. Sage green can go well with other hues in your home!

Can colour combinations work for kitchen cabinets?

Colour combinations can be so much fun! Expert painters Eastern Suburbs can create nearly any atmosphere with a few strategic strokes of the brush.

By the Sea:

Combinations like light blue and sandy brown with a lighter colour on top will look awesome.

Bold Country:

Consider sage green with deep red. The red accent points to the cabinets will give a standout kitchen.

There are so many other colour combinations that could be explored, but hope you have got a few good ideas on how to paint your kitchen cabinets. Talk to expert painters Sydney for more ravishing ideas to paint your kitchen more welcoming and one of its kinds.