How to Choose and Manage a Commercial Painting Contractor

Painting Project - Dover Heights

A building’s finishing is just as important as its structural integrity! So, keeping the paintwork in tiptop condition is essential to maintain the pristine condition of the building.

Strata painting in Sydney is more challenging than the residential projects, mainly due to the size of the project. If you are choosing a commercial painter in Sydney for your strata project, they must possess the insights and top of the line equipment to paint buildings of all sizes and shapes. The contractor you choose must be ready to handle multi-level developments with a painting service that is backed by high level of experience and track record.

Here we’ve listed a few tips to choose and manage commercial painters in Sydney to save yourself unnecessary expenses.

Clarify Reporting Lines

If your corporate body committee has hired painting contractors to take care of the strata project, but what would you do if something goes wrong with the project. So, have an organisational chart showing the responsibility within the contracting company, including names and titles. By knowing the chain of command, you can establish a clear channel of communication throughout the entire project.

Look into the Credentials

The contractors your committee choose for a strata project should be committed to the environment, safety, and delivering high-quality work. They must also possess the required technical skills, qualifications, or certifications needed to complete the job, as well as the equipment, facilities, and experience to perform industrial painting jobs.

Analyse their Reputation

Your strata painting project will become a great success if you choose a contractor who has a good reputation and sound business ethics. So, before you recommend someone to your committee, look for contractors who have got the most positive reviews and ratings.


Once you and your strata management company committee choose a contractor for the paintwork, you must elaborate your needs and requirement to the painters in Sydney to let them know your expectations and make sure the job is well done. Don’t expect them to meet your expectations, if you don’t communicate your expectations with them clearly.

Quality! Quality! Quality

Don’t settle for strata painters who offer very cheap quotes. Always remember, you get what you pay for! Look for longevity rather than a quick job that doesn’t last. So, schedule time to get quotes from different contractors and choose the one based on the detail of their quote and what’s included in the service.

Finding the right commercial painter in Sydney is a challenging task! So, do your search wisely to choose one who excels in terms of quality and customer service.