Meet the New Hues that Create a Soothing Space in 2021

Meet the New Hues that Create a Soothing Space in 2021

After all the turbulence of 2020, people are looking at 2021 to lift their flagging spirits and comfort them. While working from home has become common, spending more time at home has given an opportunity for people to look at their home. Does the once-perfect paint colour now feel dull? It’s time to hire your painters North Shore to repaint your home. But, what colours do you choose? Should you go for bold colours or warm, comforting hues? Well, here we’ve listed the trending paint colours that help you create an experience in every space.

Canyon Dusk

Canyon dusk, the rich hue delivers warmth and a cosy feel indoors. This neutral hue pairs well with nature-inspired colours and creamy whites. You can also choose black tones or navy-blue accents to balance the warmth of the shade.


The tranquil nature of blue with the wellness of green makes this hue intriguing and modern. When applied to your home interior with the help of experienced house painters North Shore, it creates a natural harmony. The calming qualities of teal make it the right choice for bedrooms and home offices. Add decorative features made from wood, stone, or brick to create a textured look.

A Soothing Shade of Blue

Blue is a popular option among painters for residential painting North Shore as the colour is calming and provides a relaxed feel. In 2021, dark, bold shades of blue and deep accent blues will make a round to add a touch of colour in more neutral spaces.

Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue is a mix of blue and green with a grey undertone. When applied to your home interior, it creates a soothing atmosphere. It can be applied to cabinetry, shelves, and other decorative accents for a nostalgic feel. This paint colour goes well with any style of the room and creates a modern look while bringing out a vintage appeal.


Brown is one among the earthy colours that are going to rule and make big in 2021. Soft tones of this colour can be used on walls to add a soft glow to the spaces they are applied. A streak of brown is refreshing after years of the same black and white colour pattern.

Pastel Colours

Applying pastel colours to your home interiors transforms it into a soothing sanctuary. Colours such as oyster, soft sky blues, cream, and more enhance the look of your interior, lightens your mood, and uplifts your soul.

Looking for comfortable and inspiring colours for your home? We’ve got you covered! Our professional painters North Shore provide superior colour consultation and help you choose the right colour that reflects your personality and style.