The Best Office colours to Spread positivity and boost productivity

Best Office colours to Spread positivity

A recent study reveals that a positive work environment is the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction. Do you know the colour spreads positivity in the workplace and creates a friendly atmosphere?  Yes, colour used in the workplace has a profound effect on collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction. In fact, the office colours can have a dramatic impact on your employees, clients, and other visitors. The colours and patterns should be chosen carefully to create a workplace that is productive and energising.

Here is the go-to paint shades that can help spread positivity and increase productivity.


If you Google for the most productive colours, you can find blue as the most productive colour. If you want to stimulate the mind of your employees, then definitely blue is the right choice. Many professional painter in Sydney recommends painting your office blue along with a bit of orange so that you can create a stimulating environment.


As yellow is associated with creativity, painting your office with yellow hues can help create a powerful workplace where creativity and innovative ideas are required. Also, yellow is the colour that helps organise and bring clarity to the decision-making process. So, it would be great for any environment where concentration and focus are essential for productivity.


A study found that painting the walls with pink colour help reduce aggressive behaviours. So, the same concept applies in working environment as well. Though this colour is not an obvious choice for most of the workplace, it can be a great colour if you would like to create a nurturing and loving working environment. Just give it a try in one of the training rooms in your office.


Undoubtedly, red can be a motivating shade in the workplace environment. If you want to inject more energy in your office to create a more dynamic atmosphere, then red hues would be great. Red is proven to increase heart rate, blood flow, and also boosts passion and emotion. Red is usually observed to have a powerful impact on anyone, thus triggering a physical response. Therefore, use this colour only in areas where it’s absolutely necessary. Use this colour in the wrong place and it will only invoke stress, causing major hindrance in productivity.You can also get ideas from commercial painters in Sydney to choose the patterns.


Orange has an equally positive influence like red when used correctly. Orange is associated with joy and happiness and to deal with feelings of negativity and depression.


Green is associated with balance. So you can try it throughout your office. Moreover, it strikes a balance between other primary colours and creates a sense of calm and reassurance. It will be particularly helpful if you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to complete.

It is possible to boost productivity and spread positivity with colours. But, the fact is you have to choose the right shades based on the type of work you do. Also, you need to consider the brightness of a colour. As there are a bunch of colour charts, it is always best to get help from painters for commercial or strata painting in Sydney.