Open Plan Colour Schemes – What You Ought to Know?

Tips on choosing the colour of your next room

The Open floor plan layout has become increasingly popular these days. For larger homes, it means bringing people together to one connected space and providing plenty of natural light, whereas it makes smaller spaces appear larger in smaller homes. Whatever may be the size and shape of your home, it does wonders and is a must for potential homeowners.

But, pulling this open floor plan isn’t an easy task, and with that said, decorating the open space is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners. Decorating a space with an open floor plan is not always about buying the right furniture and décor items, but choosing a complementary colour scheme.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your open floor plan is a balancing act. When you put too much colour into an open floor plan, it becomes overwhelming and choosing the wrong colour makes it look dull and boring.

Here is a list of tips from our house painters in Sydney on choosing the colour scheme to paint your open living space.

Tips to Choose the Right Open Plan Colour Scheme

#1 Go Neutral for Your Open Plan Living Space

As stated earlier, putting too much colour makes it look overwhelming. So, keep things simple and choose a neutral colour that allows you to show off your creativity with your furnishing and other decorative items. Picking a neutral colour is not always about choosing a lighter colour but sticking to one colour that contributes more to the overall mood and feel of your space.

#2 Tone Up to Add a Bit of Flair to Your Backdrop

Do you want a subtle yet charming look for your open-plan space? Then, you must try using different tones to give your walls a splash of uniqueness. Apply a lighter colour and build up to a darker tone as you move from one section to another. Always remember to use a single colour but vary its intensity to achieve a great look.

#3 Take Advantage of Various Finishes

Make use of various finishes to add some texture to your space if you aren’t a fan of using too much colour on walls. You can achieve the desired colour scheme by striping, sponging or colour washing, or even by implementing the same colour just with a smoother finish. Our painters in Sydney can help you choose the right finish that complements your open floor plan.

#4 Try a Pop of Colour in Unexpected Places

Incorporate colour asymmetry in unexpected places to highlight statement pieces or unconventional areas such as the tops of your shelves. To create a dynamic space and spruce up your living area, you must also focus on window panes, inside doorways, areas of the ceilings and even your staircases. You can also get ideas from your residential painters in Sydney to create a space that’s one of a kind.

The Bottom Line

In recent days, many houses are built or renovated to include an open floor plan to enjoy the great convenience and comfort it offers. The tips listed above will help you to choose a perfect colour scheme and create a stylish and comfortable living environment. Contact our house painters in Sydney to get more tips on how to style and decorate an open floor plan.