Paint Your Commercial Building to Represent Your Business’s Brand

Paint Your Commercial Building to Represent Your Business’s Brand

Did you know the level of maintenance and the colour of the paint you use for your commercial building can make or break your business? Your commercial building is the billboard for your brand, and it must send the right message and image you want to portray to your loyal and potential customers. Using the right paint colour that suits your brand makes a positive impression on your client. Talk to your commercial painting contractors in Sydney to choose the right colours for your building that conveys that right message about your brand. Even if you are looking for strata painting Sydney, it can help you.

Choosing the Right Paint Colour

When you are looking to paint your commercial building, the colour you choose can enhance the message you want to send it to the customers. Creating the best impression is crucial for your business, and finding a colour that complements your brand image can make an emotional impact on your clients. Here we’ve listed some of the popular colours that can build brand trust and enhance brand image.

  • Purple: Selecting purple and violet for your business is calming and inspiring. Since these colours look luxurious, you can use them for businesses that cater to self-awareness or pampering could utilise these traits.
  • Black: Black equals mystery and elegance. It can convey a message in different ways, and when it comes to business, you must use it carefully to reflect the right image of your brand.
  • Green: Green symbolises nature and health, and it suits well for businesses that manufacture natural and organic products.
  • Blue: The characters often associated with blue are nature, peace, calm, and serenity. Most people prefer to use blue for their business as it can be helpful for the image of many businesses.
  • Yellow: The shades of yellow is often linked with energetic, vibrant, and optimism. If you are running an innovative business that wants to reveal an innovative image, pick yellow as it is tied to youthfulness and creativity.
  • Red: If you want to inspire a strong and exciting response among your audiences, go for dramatic and impressive red. But, if you are a business person who wants a calm or reassuring image, red is definitely not a suitable colour for you.

Logo and Commercial Painting

Just because your logo is red, you cannot ask the commercial painters in Sydney to paint the whole building in red. However, when deciding the colour for your commercial building, the colours you use for your logo and signs should come into play. So, choose a colour to represent your branding message.

The Bottom Line

Is it time to paint your new business or new paint for your business? Choose the right commercial painters who offer commercial and strata painting in Sydney, to give your business the perfect facelift.  The professionals will make use of their skills to develop professional surfaces to represent your business’ brand in the best colours.