Paint Your Commercial Space to Stay Smart and Productive

Strata Painting Service

Remember the cliché ‘first impressions count?’ It’s not far from the truth! A well-maintained building, especially the paintwork, gives the first impression of your business. Yep, the exterior of your business acts as a giant billboard, and impacts how a customer perceives your business and products. It also provides a positive interior environment for both clients and staff. Having a healthy professional image builds trust and results in business growth. While it increases the value of your business, it can also impact on productivity. One of the common reasons for the lack of productivity at work is that the colour of your workspace is causing a creative block.

Colours have the power to influence your mind and mood and impact the way you work. So, our commercial painters have come up with the right colours for your commercial or strata painting in Sydney to transform your workplace into a productive hub.


Do you think that your employees lack on the creative side? Paint your commercial space with yellow, a fresh and energising colour to get your creative juices flowing and keep the spirit up. Yellow is commonly used in office spaces where writers, artists, and designers are working as their works are all about creating and innovative. Yellow comes in different shades and can have a different effect on one’s mood. Get help from your commercial painting contractors in Sydney to choose the right shade for your commercial space.


Choosing green for your office or commercial space enhances the though process of the workers and improves focus and efficiency. If your commercial space gets a lot of natural light, opt medium or dark shades of green, and for dimly-lit workspaces select lime green.


The colour blue has a calming effect on the mind and is appropriate for an office environment that involves high-pressure work. Picking the right shade is essential when it comes to blue painted office walls. Dark blue colour stimulates the mind to increase productivity, whereas medium blue increases focus.


Teal is a cross between blue and green, and showers you with the best of both worlds. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your office space but also increases productivity by reducing the stress levels of the employees and helping them stay focused.


The colour red keep employees alert and active in the workplace. As an intense colour, it creates a sense of urgency which promotes a ‘get straight to work’ kind of work environment.


This royal colour helps boost self-esteem and confidence, which leads to positive thinking. It balances out your mind and has a positive impact on your productivity.

Every office requires a different colour that’ll get your employees to work. So, think and choose the right colour scheme for your commercial or strata painting in Sydney to boost productivity.