Paint Your Fence to Increase Street Appeal

Paint Your Fence to Increase Street Appeal

Did you know the fence is an extension to the façade of your home and has a significant impact on increasing the street appeal of your property? If you’ve recently put in a new fence or doing a renovation project, painting your fence is crucial, especially if you’ve installed a wooden fence. It is important to protect it with paint before harsh weather arrives.  So, having your fence painted by house painters in Sydney not only increases the sense of safety and security but also adds value to your home.

Why is Painting Your Fence Important?

A wooden fence is a perfect choice to enhance the security and privacy of your home, but it must be painted to be protected. When you are painting your wooden fence, it offers a pleasing colour and gives the protection needed to prevent damage to the wood. Moreover, if you are a person who is looking forward to colour co-ordinate the fence with your garden or the rest of your home, painting is the perfect option. When you ask the painters in Sydney to paint your fence using latex paints, it will dry in a matter of hours and will be fully protected even if you are getting a downpour the next day.

Benefits of Painting Your Fence


When you hire residential painters in Sydney to paint your fence, it will protect your fence from the wind, sun, and rain for many years, preventing premature rot. Generally, wood on its own will lost among the elements, but when you paint the wood, it is sealed and will extend the life of your fencing and protect your investment.

Colour Options

When you consider painting your fence over staining, you can choose your favourite from a full rainbow of colourless to paint your fence. You can either choose to stay classic by painting white, or you can choose colours to match the façade of your home.

Less Maintenance

If you prefer to stain your wooden fence, you’ve to release and reapply it every few years. But, when you are painting your fence, you don’t have to repaint it for five to ten years. But, a gentle wash or cleaning is required to remove dirt and grime that spoils your paint.


Staining requires sealing and two or more coats, which demands more labour and cost. Painting your fence is less expensive and takes less time to complete.

The Bottom Line:

A painted fence is a great way to give your home and property a new look. Contact the right house painters in Sydney to complete your fence-painting and ensure that your fence gets the protection you need.