Painting Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Building

Commercial painting Sydney

The summer is becoming unbearable in Sydney with record temperatures becoming the new normal every year. Many air conditioning systems are not robust enough to withstand this scorching weather conditions and results in high electric bills. As a commercial business owner, it’s your responsibility to take every measure to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building. When it comes to energy efficiency, HVAC is the go-to solution for many people, but often they forget the role of commercial or strata painting.

Yes, your buildings paint design can play a vital role in blocking solar rays that heat up your building and make your building cooler and more energy-efficient. But, keep one thing in mind, the paint colour choice you make can increase heat gain or reduce it.

Dark Colours – A Big No

Did you know dark colours absorb 70% of radiant sun energy? The heat energy absorbed by dark colours gets accumulated in the structure of the building and results in excess heat gain and raises the indoor temperature. Even after the sunset, it takes more time to dissipate heat. Due to this increase in temperature, your air conditioning system runs extra cycles to compensate the excess heat. This increases cooling costs and results in high electric bills. Moreover, the continuous usage results in the wear and tear of the HVAC system that results in increased repair cost and shorter lifetime.

Thumbs Up for Light Colours

Choosing light colours such as white, beige, light grey, or the softer variety of other neutral colours improves energy efficiency and reduces your energy bills. If you want to go bold and still looking for an energy-friendly colour option, your commercial painting contractors can help you choose the right one for your business. Using light colours for your commercial building reflects solar heat, resulting in less AC cycles and reduced cooling costs. Moreover, using light colours for your commercial building makes it look fresher and well-maintained. It lasts long and doesn’t fade like dark colours when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Energy-efficient Paint

With the world running behind green solutions and eco-friendly options, businesses are upgrading their products to meet customer needs. Today, there are paints specially designed to be energy efficient. These paints are designed to cool the buildings by interacting with moisture and keep the building warm. You can get advice from your commercial painters in Sydney to learn about how this paint works and its effect on your energy bills.

The Bottom Line

Commercial painting not only makes your building look better but also has a positive impact on energy efficiency. Your commercial painters in Sydney can help you choose the right type of paint for your building when you are ready to increase the efficiency of your commercial building with new interior or exterior colour.