Painting Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Interior painting Sydney

Whether your house is looking dull or outdated, nothing is as effective and fresh as a brand new coat of paint to spruce up your house. A painting project might seem to be a seamless job as you are inspired by the DIY painting blogs and videos. We can understand that you are excited and awaiting the day. But, before you grab that paint can, brush, and start painting, you need to know that there are many ways this exciting DIY project can go wrong and won’t give impressive results if they aren’t done in the right way.

Painting is an art that involves precise techniques to get the desired results. Be it interior or exterior house painting Sydney, painting your house is a major undertaking that you won’t be doing it often. So, it makes sense to get it right the first time. We are here to help you avoid the following common mistakes that many enthusiastic DIYers make:-

Not Preparing the Walls

The durability and success of a painting job depend on the preparation of the painting surface. Preparing the painting surface is one of the most overlooked steps by amateur painters. While you might think that a fresh coat of paint can change the dirty walls, it can end up in a dirty paint job that requires expensive fixes.

Dirt, grime, oil, cracks, bubbles, scratches, peeling paint, and other imperfections on the wall can lead to uneven paint spots. Moreover, the paint will start to chip and peel off within a few months or years. So, prepare the exterior or interior painting Sydney surface before painting. If you feel that it’s a tiring job, hire professional painters to get the job done perfectly.

Not Using the Masking Tape

This might seem to be a simple mistake. But, many amateurs overestimate their house painting Sydney skills, especially when it comes to painting a straight, even line. Most homeowners end up with sloppy lines when it comes to DIY painting. An experienced and wise painter will always use masking tape to protect the boundaries of the painting area. Never skip this step!

Using the Wrong Paintbrush

We can understand that it could be overwhelmed to choose the right brush as there are a lot of options to choose from, including shape, size, and material. But, a wrong paintbrush can ruin your new paint job. Different types of paint requires different type of brushes.

Skipping Primer

Priming the walls is one of the significant steps which many amateurs overlook and skip. Primer helps the paint to adhere to the surface and bring out the colour that you have chosen. So, please don’t skip the primer.

Not Sampling

Testing your paint is an important step that many DIYers tend to ignore. Have you ever wondered why is that the paint colour you have chosen is completely different on your walls? What you have seen in the stores might be different on the walls. That’s why it’s essential to sample the colours on your walls before painting to ensure to get the right match for your walls.

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