Painting Trends for 2021 – Add Beauty and Balance to Your Commercial Space

Commercial Painters Sydney

A new palette of colour trends hits catalogues every year. These colours influence people and can have a significant impact on their mood and productivity at workspaces. So, do you want to add beauty and balance to your commercial space? Well, here are the paint trends for 2021 to create a lively and productive space.

Near-neutral Tones – A Poplar Trend in 2021

According to commercial painters Sydney, the year 2021 is all about balance. Many experts believe that incorporating near-neutral tones such as pastels, blues, and greens can incorporate peace and confidence into professional spaces. Some of the standard paint colours suggested by commercial painters Sydney this year are dusty pink, sea blues and greens, shades of ocean blues, and more. These colours are kind of cosy and refreshing.

Eco-friendly Paint Options

With the run towards a greener environment, today, the paints used for commercial painting Sydney is becoming safer and healthier. Using eco-friendly paints minimises the carbon footprint of the buildings and keeps the interior energy efficiency in check. Moreover, it also cuts down the energy bills by preventing the HVAC system from working harder.

Commercial painting contractors Sydney have switched to no-VOC paints that improve indoor quality and allows you to breathe easier.

Exterior Painting for Branding

Many businesses are using exterior painting as an extension of branding. They use signature colours and wall designs to create a digital canvas for people who wants to click a picture and post them on their social media feeds. This increases the foot traffic to businesses and maximises the property value.