Painting Your Kid’s Room? Forget the ‘Grown-up Rules!’

Planning to give your house a fresh coat of paint? Well, there are certain rooms in your home which you would paint as per the recommendations from painters Sydney or inspired by the design choices you’ve found on Instagram. But there is an area in your home where the ‘grown-up rules’ don’t apply! It’s your child’s room. It’s their world of sanctuary and doesn’t require any of your pre-determined rules to work. Here, our house painters Sydney discuss a few things to consider while painting your kid’s room.

Incorporate Different Hues

It’s common for an adult to stick to a single colour for their room or paint one colour per wall. But, for a kid’s room, things are different. You must use multiple colours as per their choice. If your kid wants one colour for the wall, another for the trip, and multiple colours for the strips, go for it! Get creative and incorporate colours in such a way that it reflects the personality of your child.

Get Them Involved

Allow your child to make colour choices, after all, it’s their territory! Choosing paint colours for their room makes them feel more comfortable and creates a sense of ownership of their space. When they are left to choose their room colours, they will get motivated to keep the room clean.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

As adults, most of the times, we forget ceiling affects the mood and aesthetics of the room. Consider the ceiling and use it as an opportunity to inspire them, make them dream, and explore more of their creative side. Residential painters Sydney recommend painting the ceiling with colour shades of their favourite movies characters, role models, and more.

In addition to these, add beautiful décor to your kids’ room that reflects their interests. But, if you are worried about your child outgrowing the paint colour, choose a more neutral colour so that it will be easier to make changes in the future. Get in touch with our painters Sydney for more tips.