Primer – Is it Really Worth the Investment?

Interior painting Sydney

Using a primer actually has many important advantages, especially for achieving long-lasting paint finishes. So, here is a detailed lists of reasons that makes primer worth the investment.

Improved Adhesion

There are different factors that determine how well the paint sticks to a surface and survive for as long as possible without peeling. When you apply a primer for interior painting in Sydney, the final coats of paint will adhere properly and give the best possible finish.

Enhances Appearance

When you are painting a light colour over a dark colour, the dark colour beneath can continue to show through even after repeated application of the new paint. A primer can resolve this problem and help to hide the darker colour more effectively.

Long Lasting Paint Colours

Primer ensures that your paint stays in better condition for a longer time due to its better adhesion properties. It also seals more vulnerable surfaces and prevents moisture from causing damage beneath the paint. So, painters in Sydney recommend using primer to ensure the longevity of the paint.

The Bottom Line

A primer is essential when painting bare surfaces, or when changing paint systems. Choosing the right primer for a given substrate is paramount, to ensure you make your finish coats stick and get the best finishes. Contact our painters in Sydney to clear all your queries on the application of primer over your walls before applying your favourite paint to your home interior or exterior. Our professionals help you to sort through the details of your project and create a solution best suited for your painting project.