Primer – What is it & Why is it Important in Commercial Painting

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Primer has been used as an integral part of the painting process for many years, but not every DIY painter would know about the many benefits it offers. If you are one of those individuals who skip the application of primer before painting, read this guide from the expert commercial painters Sydney to know why primer is important.

What is Primer?

Primer isn’t a new concept, but it might be a new practice for those of you exploring the world of commercial painting Sydney. Primer is a solution that can be painted onto any kind of surface—from metal and wood to cement and plastic—and once it dries, it creates an even layer upon which paints can stick.

Why Should You Use a Primer?

Primer is a big step that many people skip when they’re preparing their walls for paint. When you hire commercial painters Sydney, you will notice them applying a primer before beginning to paint.

  • Primer helps seal cracks and uneven surfaces in walls, giving your paint job a better finish.


  • It also makes it easier for you to tell how much paint you need, so you don’t overdo it. All in all, priming can reduce waste and save money.

Primer is a necessity if you want your paint project to look perfect. Depending on what you are applying paint to, there are different primers designed for specific needs, but they all serve one purpose – To ensure that your paint will adhere to the surface for long. Any questions? Contact the commercial painting contractors Sydney today.