Sell Your Home Quickly with these Paint Touch-ups

The importance of keeping a tidy workspace

Are you planning to put your home for sale? Even a simple defect in your home like paint peeling or crack can represent a significant cost to improve the paintwork in and around the property. This discourages potential buyers from more seriously considering purchasing your home and encourages them to look at other properties.

Here we’ve listed a few paint touch-ups to consider if you want to sell your home quickly.

Damaged Paintwork

Home buyers look for value perception in the home they buy and even a minor defect can make your home a second thought for them. Deteriorated paintwork is one of the most noticeable flaws in your home, and look like a costly exercise to fix, even though in reality, it is relatively simple and cost effective in rectifying. Contact Colour Life Painting, your residential painters in Sydney to help you work out the best way to fix any issues you might have.

Street View

Most people who intend to sell their home, invest more in the curb appeal as the buyers enquire more about your home only if it looks attractive. Repainting your exterior walls with the help of the house painters in Sydney, gives your home a new look and attracts more leads.


Residential painting contractors in Sydney recommend making your entrance ways as nicely presented as possible. If there are any areas to focus on, due to a limited budget or time, make sure that those areas that are most visible when people come through, such as entrance ways, hallways, etc, are presented immaculately, with no painting or surface defects visible. Use clean, crisp colours, which are neutral, and have less chance of turning off a potential buyer.

Other rooms you should look at repainting are your kitchen and bathroom as they receive particular attention in your home. Make sure these areas are cleanly presented, and free from mould, grease, grime, and there is no peeling or flaking paint.

House painters in Sydney recommend getting general touch-ups when selling your home to spruce up your home and to make it as presentable as possible.