Should Interior Walls Be Cleaned Before Painting?

When it comes to repainting your walls at home, cleaning the walls is a very important part of the process. This will ensure that your painting project turns into a success. You need to start with preparing the room, cleaning, sanding and priming the walls before the start of the painting project. Here are some tips from the professional house painters Sydney to clean up the walls before painting –

  • Dust the Walls – To begin with, dust the walls using a dusting brush or cloth and remove the cob webs or any loose dirt from the walls. The painting contractors say that, this will make sure that the paint brush and paint remains clean during the process.
  • Remove Mould – There are many chances of mould formation in damp and areas with less airflow. So always ensure that your home is ventilated properly. Remove any visible mould using permitted solutions and rinse the surface thoroughly with water.
  • Sand Down Old Paint – Just in case, if your existing paint type is shiny, which you are looking forward to paint it in matt, you must sand down the old paint first. Painting on top of the old paint will bring in
  • Clean up the Walls – After removing the old paint, clean up the surfaces using hot water and diluted cleaning solutions. But the kitchen area might have grease on walls, so try suing concentrated solution. Rinse of these solution with clean water and allow the walls to dry up completely before commencing the painting process.

Hopefully these cleaning tips from the residential painters will help you prepare walls for the painting process.