Strata Painting – How to Get Things Started

Tips on choosing the colour of your next room

For homeowners, deciding on how their house looks like and which colour scheme to be used is not a big deal. They can choose it on their own or get a consultation from their painters to determine the ones that suit the home’s style and their personality. But things are different when it comes to strata painting Sydney. Strata buildings have multiple owners, and they must make a joint decision to paint their interior or exterior or choose a colour palette. Here we’ve listed a few tips to follow to get started on strata painting.

  • Create a list of all the areas that needed to be painted with the help of your strata building manager.
  • Choose Dulux accredited strata painters Sydney and the members of the Master Painters Association to get the job done right.
  • Arrange a painting inspection and ask your strata manager to grant access to parts of the building with poor visibility from the street.
  • Ask your painter to clearly list what is included and what is excluded from the quotation for your strata painting services.
  • Get approval on the new colour scheme from the owners corporation in a general meeting before beginning the project.
  • Inform the owners and residents at least two weeks in advance of when the works will take place and access requirements.
  • If you come across any building issues after beginning the painting project, take it to the attention of your strata manager. Talk to your painters and get instruction on how to fix them.

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