Suggested Colours for Offices with Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are aesthetically appealing, and they add a level of elegance to your office space. Offices with hardwood floors should be complemented with the right choice of paint colours, so as to highlight the striking looks of the floors. Here are some of the suggested colours for different variants of hardwood floors recommended by expert painters in Sydney:

For Cherry Hardwood:

If your office has cherry hardwood floors, you shall opt for an offwhie or apricot paint colour. You can also use a good shade of green or blue that can perfectly complement the vibrancy of cherry hardwood floor.

For Light Hardwood:

Professional painters in Sydney explain that light hardwood floors perfectly match with neutral paint colours. You could choose between grey and white, which again depends on the type of the office room you are about to paint. Applying white paint on the walls will give out a minimalistic look. Applying neutral colours will also give you the opportunity to experiment with various accent colours throughout the year.

For Dark Hardwood:

Dark hardwood floors, perhaps are one of the most attractive flooring options for any office space. Dark hardwood flooring will make your space look smaller, hence bright paints will certainly accentuate your rooms. Grey colours are also recommended by painting contractors in Sydney for dark hardwood flooring.

Besides choosing the right paint colours, you should also consider the colour of the furniture you are using in the office. Choose paint colours that complement not just the floors, but your furniture as well. Expert commercial painters in Sydney will guide you in choosing the right colours for your office space. Get in touch today.