Test Paint Colours before Committing It

Tips on choosing the colour of your next room

Painting a room with a new colour is a huge commitment. From picking the right colour paint to implementing it, it is a hassle and big process. You can make it easy by testing paint colours before ultimately deciding on paints for your commercial painting in Sydney. Wondering how to test the paint colour?

Use Online Paint Testers

The reputable painting companies offer free quotes for online paint testing. Their commercial painters in Sydney will help you test the paint colour to make a knowledgeable decision on the paint you select. Also, you can utilise apps that allow you to visualise paint colours on the interior and exterior of your home without the need for taking out your paintbrush.

Paint Sample Boards

If you are painting throughout your home, consider painting a certain colour that you chose over the sample boards. Research says sample boards can interfere with a perfect colour swatch so you can take the extra step of purchasing sample-sized drywall so that the paint saturates the way that it would on your actual wall. In fact, it is a great alternative to painting on your walls.

Quick Tips to Decide on Paint Colours

  1. Lighting can change the colour of your paint so make sure that you use correct lighting while testing.
  2. Consider your decor, and choose the colours based on it.
  3. Test your sample boards during different times of the day
  4. Don’t decide on your paint colour until it’s fully dry

Are you looking to paint your office space? Consider hiring one of the leading commercial painting contractors in Sydney who helps you decide on the right paint colour to paint your office!